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The Importance of Social Media Likes and Follows for Business

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Likes and follows from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are quite often shrugged at as something that is too important in the social media marketing grand scheme of things. We are usually told that it does not really matter how many likes and follows that your business page has and that it is quantity over quality that truly matters.

Well, quality is, of course, important but we’re here to argue that quantity still has a part to play. While a portion of your likes and follows may not turn into potential customers overnight, they might do over time or somebody that they know might just become one too.

Furthermore, the more likes and follows that you get, the more people will become familiar with your brand while your business will also enjoy a higher level of validation according to forbes.com.

Here is more on both of those points:

Likes and Follows Increase Brand Familiarity

Many of you may have heard that with Facebook, in particular, a prospect is likely to become a client having been exposed to on average, between 7-15 of the posts that your small business makes.

It all begins with your first few posts which enable the prospect to become familiar with your brand. This then develops once the prospect starts to enjoy your posts and then decides to like the posts and even your business page.

A few more posts down the line and they might start commenting on your posts, sharing them, and then perhaps even visiting your website. Eventually, should your posts be of consistently high quality, that person decides to get in touch and place an order with you.

All the while, friends of that person may now have seen their activity on the platform and started their very own process of exposure with your brand. Once somebody becomes familiar with your brand, it can often snowball from there according to fastlikes.fr.

Likes and Follows Validate Your Business

Another positive to having a good number of likes and follows is that they will offer some kind of validation for your business in the eyes of your potential customers. If they see that your business page has lots of likes compared to your competitors, they will subconsciously believe that you’re a well-run and well-received business.

On the flip side, a small number of likes and follows could give off the opposite impression. Why would a small business that claims to be so good at what they do, only have a handful of likes on social media?

Likes and Follows Do Matter

Now admittedly, your small business is not going to fail or succeed simply because of the likes and follows that your business pages on social media have. However, they are still something that should be given more importance than what they generally get. They should be apart of your social media marketing plan and not left as something that is not too important.

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