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The Nerdiest Games You Can Ever Play

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Gaming is no longer something for the geekiest of us. In fact, gamers nowadays are recognized as the new athletes of the modern world as they can enlist in all sorts of worldwide e-competitions sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Now, even if video games are mainstream, this doesn’t mean the nerds don’t still get some titles to appeal to their specific needs. As such, some games are specially designed for the segment of the audience who likes difficult puzzles and quests that consist of planning and managing.

So, if you’re looking for a new game that satisfies your need to organize and develop, have a look at three of the best titles to consider. We can promise that there will be no action-packed games on our list of nerdy games!


An oldie but goodie in terms of nerd games, SimCity is all about planning and management. You can have a lot of fun with creating their very own city, with the administrative problems that come with it.

You decide if you want to focus on industry, consumerism, or green technologies, but you’re also the one responsible for the health and wellbeing of your Sims (people who live in your city). This means you will have to come up with clever solutions and design long-term plans that can improve everyone’s lives.

It takes someone truly passionate about the routine walks of life to play this game for a long time!

Baldur’s Gate

No, it’s not the same Baldur in LOTR, but it may as well be given that you can’t pass the first level without a degree in computer science. The game takes place in the Forgotten Realms, and characters must solve complex problems to go through.

Furthermore, the game uses a modified edition of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition ruleset, so it’s clearer than ever that you need to be a bit of a nerd to play it. If you like it, there are several games in the series, so you can play to your heart’s desire.

Now if you want something a bit less complex but equally challenging, we recommend the Impossible Quiz (play here). It will test all your strength and wit in just one game!

Europa Universalis Collection

If you enjoy playing strategy-based games, this collection is definitely for you (that if you can finish reading the instructions without getting a major headache). Packed with epic battles, missions of conquest and organization-related problems, this long-running series is one of the most hardcore strategy simulations ever.

Now, if you feel a bit rusty and want to warm up a bit, we recommend Google Feud. This may not be a strategy-based game, but it uses the same format as Family Feud except you play against Google itself!

Wrap Up

Being a nerd means you are passionate about things that may seem weird to others. But this should not stop you in pursuing your passions, even though this means being a bit different. There will come a time when others will appreciate you for who you are, regardless of your so-called quirks. And until then, there are lots of cool and nerdy games to help you navigate through life.

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