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The Signs of Poor Workplace Communication – and How to Fix it

When you have good workplace communication, you will usually know. Days will sail by smoothly, deadlines will be met, and the overall morale will be high. It’s a little tricky to identify when communication is lacking, though, as you might think there are other reasons for the problems that occur.

Here are the signs to look out for to make sure your business does not suffer because of poor communication.

A High Turnover Rate

A high turnover rate is never a good sign, especially for businesses that want to build a strong and loyal team. If staff keep leaving, it is likely a sign that communication is poor. They might feel ignored or as if they have no guidance. No one wants to stick in a role where they can’t communicate effectively with fellow team members and management. Click here to learn more reasons for good internal communication.

Unfinished Projects

Poor communication often leads to unfinished projects. When a team cannot communicate effectively, it’s difficult to complete a task as a team, after all. If you notice many projects eventually get forgotten about, it’s time to consider whether a lack of good communication is at fault.

Constant Agreement

Constant agreement in the workplace might seem like a good thing at first, but it is not. While it might make for an easier day, everyone saying ‘yes’ to everything only shows that no one cares enough to question the method. The best outcomes usually come from some form of disagreement, at least at first. That doesn’t mean arguing or bickering, but instead, asking questions like ‘why?’ and ‘would it be better this way?’.

All Talk No Action

You might think that lots of talk equal good communication in the workplace, but that isn’t always the case. Too much talking may lead to more talking and wasted time. Effective communication is often swifter and more to the point and is often followed by taking action. It is the latter that gets things done.

Zero Collaboration Between Teams

If everyone in the workplace likes to work alone, that is a bad sign. While it’s not unusual for one or two staff members to be lone wolves, the majority should be content with teaming up. If not, you need to consider whether workplace communication is to blame. A lack of it may result in people not knowing one another well enough to feel comfortable collaborating.

Duplicated Work

Another sign that communication is suffering is duplicated work. This happening once is a small issue – one you should get to the bottom of – but if it happens frequently, you have a lack of communication to handle. It means that team members aren’t on the same page; that they don’t know what their own or other people’s role is.

No Feedback Given

Do not assume that no feedback given by employees means that everyone is content. That could be the case, but it could also mean that communication isn’t good. If employees don’t feel one-hundred-percent comfortable talking to management about issues, it shows that improvements need to be made in terms of communication. You want to build a team that is open and honest with you.

Mismatched Goals

Mismatched goals are another sure sign of poor communication in the workplace. If one employee or team wants one thing and management wants another, it shows that there has not been enough effective internal communication. You must focus on bringing the entire team together so that goals align. Only that way will you produce a productive and motivated work environment.

So, you may have learned that communication is poor in the workplace. What next? You can’t just accept your fate, as that could cost the business. Here are some ways to fix the issues:

Use a Good Communication Platform

There are plenty of excellent communication platforms out there for businesses to use. It means everyone can stay in touch with each other on an easy-to-use platform, which will help with project management.

Open Feedback Both Ways

Feedback needs to go both ways. As well as giving it, make sure you open the door to receiving it. Then, you will have mutual respect with staff members.

Align Your Goals

Make the company goals as transparent as possible so all staff members can get on board with them. Once everyone knows the direction, productivity is boosted.

Bring Teams Together

Start to bring new and old teams together to get the communication ball rolling. You might find that people who have never worked together before work brilliantly as a team.

Recognizing poor communication in a workplace is crucial – as is putting in the effort to improve it. Once you better workplace communications, you will see a steady rise in productivity and employee morale.

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