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Ticketing System at Your Service

How to find organized data storage with an easy access and full control over available information and the other various processes concerning distribution, selling or receiving tickets?

Are you interested in a computer software which deals with maintaining and managing lists of issues according to the user’s needs and is used  by companies’ support centers worldwide to create and update customers’ and clients’ databases?

All the data concerning your currents, their matters and issues will be gathered in one place and with the help of easy to use tools you won’t have any problems with finding and managing the one you need.

This customer support software was designed in a way that anyone can operate with all available information without leaving the page: sorting, reviewing, assigning and sending tickets out to various clients and customers and even to observe current statistics. If this is exactly what you are looking for the Help Ticketing System is the place where you can find out more about software purchasing.

How System works?

This customer support system is scalable and can be adjusted to any support manager needs. The main idea of this software is to resolve occurred issues reported by a client as every support includes essential information on a certain matter and has a knowledge base concerning each customer and issue. All the information is stored in the cloud and downloading an app to your smartphone you won’t be tied to your office PC as it is mobile friendly. With the help of this software one can easily operate with tickets without fear of getting lost in the ocean of information as all data related to a certain case is tracked along with the needed ticket.

jitbit helpdesk 1024x726 - Ticketing System at Your Service
Responsive design and mobile compatible. Answer tickets on the go.

Tickets can be organized in categories by the date or responsible manager, or status and that helps to track them and to respond accordingly to the priority.

Main benefits of the Helpdesk Ticketing System

Undoubtedly ticketing system has a lot of advantages. Here are few of them:

  • Any user can afford it and also it is quite weight light and won’t create any problems with installing as it requires seconds to setup or further operating. Also you will receive totally free upgrades for the first year of operating and a discount for updating afterwards;
  • Data mining and data entry are easy with this great web design with all the needed tools;
  • As this software is web-based you won’t be having any problems with access to your information from any devise: smartphone or tablet. And also here you are able to store and attach screenshots and PDF files;
  • Integration capacity – this support software can be easily integrated with any existing users catalog;
  • Easy adjustable to your native language with the help of ASP.NET resources so it will suit every client.
jitbit helpdesk2 - Ticketing System at Your Service
Easily operate with tickets without fear of getting lost in the ocean of information.

Helpdesk Ticketing System is client oriented and helps support managers to improve their responding features.

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