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Tips for Training Staff to Use IT Systems

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There aren’t many businesses that don’t use some form of computerized system to operate and keep records, so when you employ staff, they will need to be trained in using your systems.

Most workers will have a good basic grasp of computer use, and if they are required to have specialist knowledge, then this should be confirmed at the selection stage. Therefore, it’s a case of familiarizing them with the systems you use in your business, and how you make use of the functionality of the software you use.

New systems and versions

Say you run a shop with a computerized stock control system. Your new employee will probably have used a stock control system in a previous role, and therefore will be familiar with the principles of how such a system works. Your job is to explain and demonstrate the way that your system makes use of these principles to achieve the same ends. For example, you may have a touch screen instead of having to use a keyboard, or you might require extra details to be entered in the stock record.

You might run similar reports but with different parameters, or use functions that are part of an upgrade with which your new employee isn’t familiar, so you should have a clear training plan and simple user guides to help them get used to how your systems work.

If something goes wrong

Most systems now have inbuilt safeguards to avoid the problem of losing data, so, for example, they will automatically save your work as you proceed, and recover unsaved files if the system shuts down for any reason. If your training plan is effective you shouldn’t have any problems, but sometimes things can go wrong, and a rookie error could result in data loss, file corruption, or the introduction of malware onto your systems. If the worst does happen, remain calm, as you stand a good chance of being able to retrieve the lost data by using a specialist company such as Secure Data Recovery to retrieve deleted or corrupted files.

Continued training

Once a new member of staff becomes proficient in using your IT systems, they will still need to have regular update sessions to ensure they haven’t fallen into any bad habits or forgotten important information. All staff should receive training when a system is upgraded so that they are able to utilize the improved or additional functionality offered by the upgrade.

It’s surprising how often whole modules or more advanced functions get forgotten or ignored when they could offer benefits to your operations, and very often a new member of staff will pick up on this unused functionality. On-the-job training and system monitoring should be scheduled into everyone’s calendar, to maximize the potential of your IT systems and their use.

A well-structured and comprehensive training program for new staff will ensure they get up to speed with your IT systems quickly and confidently, allowing them to start contributing to your businesses success within a few days of starting.

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