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Top 10 Reasons to Learn AI in 2020

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AI is the technology in which intelligent machines are designed in such a way as to act like human beings.  AI is the hottest topic to discuss in 2020. And in the next decade, it is going to be the hottest career opportunity.

Any student planning to pursue his career in AI would be definitely going to have the brightest future opportunities for his career in 2020. This field requires sufficient knowledge of logic, mathematics, statistics and data analysis.

In the next decade, AI is going to overpower a huge part of the technology industry. In older technology, AI was based on mere pre-programmed conditions. Modern AI is more customizable. You can adapt and change it according to your requirements. AI is often referred to as machine learning.

It is the technology that every business wants to implement.

Why Learn AI

Artificial Intelligence is proved to be the most reliable and accurate technology in every kind of data management and analysis.

Students eager to get the best career opportunities should learn it as it is used in:

Healthcare Field

In this digital age, everything is possible by using technology and the internet. We see that doctors can communicate with their patients and diagnose their diseases from a remote position. This has minimized the need for personal interaction with the doctor. In the same way, the patient’s condition is checked by a predefined system of medication and algorithms to prescribe a solution. This has revolutionized the whole health industry. It could facilitate both patient and doctor. A doctor could maintain the complete record of every patient and make a treatment plan.

Mobile World

Smartphones are considered as digital wallets. They are no longer considered as a medium of communication. They even work as your personal assistant. Relevant to personal assistant, “Siri” could be the best example of introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning. “Siri” is designed to answer all your queries on the basis of your personal data added in it and even gives you valuable suggestions. So we can easily predict that the next generation would be having a smartphone working on voice command such as “Siri” So AI is also useful to learn for the people in cellular phone technology.


Have you ever thought about a car or airplane which is driven by no driver? Now, this is not limited to just thought. Many types of research are in process to make it actually happen. The future of AI is bright in the automobile industry.

In Retail

AI technology is also useful for people engaged in the retail business. They really want such a system which helps them understand the proper purchase pattern and enhance their sale.AI method is very useful to understand the buying patterns and access the customers to choose products.

It will help them suggest:

  1. Coupons
  2. Offer discounted promotion
  3. Market targeting
  4. Warehouse stocking

We know that the customers really feel coaxed when they are observed to evaluate buying pattern and their selected products. Amazon has devised its solution named,” pantry”. They have such an automated system to help you select your desired product and they deliver it by an automatic system on a periodic basis. So this is a clear indication of the performance of AI technology in the retail business.

Fraud Detection

The system of monitoring the fraud section is a breakthrough for us as our money is protected by getting a proper transaction system. Whenever you withdraw some amount from your bank, you receive an email or text message. This shows the recent transaction activity in your bank account. This system is powered by AI technology. The transactions, amount withdrawal or use of ATM card all this data is stored and analyzed to keep an eye on suspicious activities. AI algorithm is designed to make you alert of any suspicious activity regarding your account.

Online Customer Support

Now every business has an online presence. They have a website to represent their business and products. With the increase in the use of smartphones and the internet, a large number of customers like to take any kind of information through the internet. Many of the online businesses have a system of online chat with customers to respond immediately. This is certainly impossible for any human being to be present all the time to answer any of the queries of customers. So to ensure that a business is live and all day active most of the businesses are choosing the option of information bots that act like real humans. They reply to you on the basis of contended in the system. This system is getting more and more popular due to its provision of accurate and quick information.

Security Sectors

As we know that security is the basic need of any individual or organization. Setting up an effective security system with a security camera and security monitoring system is really beneficial for any business. But watching a number of cameras and maintaining strict security checks all the time is not an easy job. A predefined algorithm system linked with all security monitoring is the best option to choose from. It would work on your specific security demands and analyze any suspicious activity. It has the system to automatically make alert the human security guards to handle suspicious activity.

Music and Movies

A system is also amazing for you while you are listening to your favorite music or watching a movie. It recommends you automatically about your next song or movie. It is a system based on your interests and browsing history. This system is much more fruitful for the music and movie producing companies By observing your browsing history and previous online activities, it would promote specific brands or music videos.

Email Response

AI also helps you to respond to your emails in an essay and a quick way by analyzing your email contents. A predefined reply is provided as tags during an email reply.

In-Home Devices

AI wonderfully keeps a strict check on the temperature and lighting needs of your house. It works according to your preferred requirements.

Best Training for AI

Artificial Intelligence training from a professional institute like Knowledgehut can make you a skilled and efficient worker having excellent knowledge of AI. It also awards certificates on completion so that you can upgrade your CV and get an AI job.

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