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Top 5 Tools for Creating Appealing Videos Online

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In recent years the consumption of video has been increasing, especially in social networks. Many businesses that result to be at the forefront have at least one promotional video of their services or brand.

For this opportunity we bring you several interesting tools for the creation of appealing video. All are very easy to use, and you just have to have the idea of content and translate it into the templates that come by default, as well of simple.


We have been surprised by this online program to create videos and put them into circulation on social networks because it is completely free. You can simply register and start using this software that comes with a large number of free resources of stock photos, videos and musics.

FlexClip is an ideal tool for making short videos that will serve you greatly to promote content in relation to your business in the main social networks , you can place your own videos or photography and even add locution so that everything becomes a professional content.

With the clean and straightforward interface, anyone can easily make videos from all kinds of photo and video formats even with no design skills. Besides, with this free tool, you can export videos with high resolution of 1080p. It’s easy, versatile and effective. This tool can become your best ally to increase sales.

Website: https://www.flexclip.com/


Vyond is called Do Animate before. It is a very attractive tool that includes designs and animations that can help you make a very good impression among anyone who has an interest in your company. Being designed especially for business, it includes characters that fit very well to the needs of companies. Once the users register and agree to create their first video, the tool will explain step by step some of the main aspects that should be taken into account when making the videos. Something interesting is that it is very flexible in terms of animations and the type of movements that can make each of the characters that can be inserted, all this helps that it is undoubtedly an advanced tool to make animated videos but also dominate it 100% may require investing some time. In case you want to know more about the tool you can register to get 14 days of testing.

To get an idea of what Vyond can do for your business, the following video was created using the tool. To enjoy more features, you need to make some payments.

Check it plans: https://www.vyond.com/plans/.


Explee is a cloud based application that allows you to create powerful and efficient animated video. Captivate your audience going straight to the point.

Once you login, you will be welcomed by a simple guideline. You just have to choose an image or a character design. If you want to have high quality videos and other features, you need to pay at least $9 monthly.

Website: https://explee.com/.

Hippo Video

I’m absolutely thrilled at the potential that Hippo Video has for us. With this editor you can provide a personalized experience to thousands of users, guaranteeing that your response rate will increase.

From their website, they point out that you can receive notifications in real time when people see the content and get accurate statistics to measure conversions.

Like the vast majority of online tools, it has its trial version as well as premium version for greater benefits. It’s premium plan is start from 29USD/month.

Website: https://www.hippovideo.io/.


It allows you to select different video templates from an extensive gallery that counts. Once the template is selected, the user can proceed to edit different parts of the template, being able to customize the texts and the graphics that appear within them, modifying both the color and the size of the same. Additionally, people can upload their own images and audios in case they wish to do so. From this tool users can obtain videos in MP4 in high definition produced with Adobe After Effects, one of the best programs for video production. To make a video, people simply click on the template that best suits their needs (each can be previewed), and then do the editing process.

The price can be seen on the video templates which is a one-time payment for 1 Full HD video (1920 x 1080), without watermark. Including stock footage, royalty free music, video hosting and video player.

Website: https://www.makewebvideo.com/.

Video Animation INC

Don’t want to mess with these tools?  Video Animation INC can help your brand embrace its challenge through our whiteboard animated video production. Their whiteboard video animation experts are always on a lookout to do something different.

Just go and check them out. They could provide an effective solution to your attempts to hook more customers, because users are liking to consume much more video than other content.

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