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Top Games you can play in your VR headset – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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We’ve come a long way from vintage video games.  VR or virtual reality headsets have made the games hugely popular among the gaming fans. The best part is that, it makes the game a way lot simpler. It can be more exciting having a game pad with some.

If you are a gaming bug, and already having a VR headset ready with you, then the compilation given below can be useful for you. These games given below can be the most thrilling through VR headsets.


With the winter Olympic games just ending in Korea, here’s a great game to bring back some aspects of the games.  Steep is a snowboarding game developed by Ubisoft Annecy and released in December 2016. Like many Ubisoft games, Steep is a world open to exploration and features some awesome grown, like the terrain of The Alps of Europe and Denali of Alaska.  The game features different activities like skiing, wingsuit flying, paragliding and snowboarding, with the capability to do it all in Virtual Reality.  Steep features both single player and multiplayer modes with a is a big focus on online play while all players share the same game world.

Steep seems to sacrifice some customization available in other snowboarding games for PS4, and in contrast to Infinite Air, isn’t as heavy into physics and simulation, but also leads some gamers to enjoy this style of play more.   Players also do not have the ability to customize their own parks, however the worlds stay true to that of the theme of The Alps of Europe and Denali of Alaska.  If interested in customization, here are some other snowboarding games that might interest you – read hereGet this game here: https://ebay.to/2Iu4QQY

James’s Legacy: The Prologue

The prime protagonist of the game is James. Here you get involved with a quest that offers you with some exciting experiences. James moves on a quest to find out the properties left by Dr. James, who is no more in this world. Everything is too fast and energetic here. You land at a different planet through rocket. Your entire focus has to be now on that other planet. There come the baffling situations those you have to solve. Missions look sleek at initial stages; however, as the things progress these become challenging and you get entertained in a finest way. There are many addictive parts involved with the game that can make anyone a fan of it, especially through the VR headsets.

War of Words VR

Here we come up with one of the touchiest names to be enjoyed through a VR headset. It’s one of the most enchanting games in the line-up as well. Made with the concept of BBC line-up brings a unique wary scenario for you. You are made available at the battlefields of Somme. The game has everything; emotion, motion, curiousness, action, story, etc that someone can expect from a nice gaming console.

Hero Bound: First Steps

It’s all about getting involved within the game. Well, let’s talk about the cream part; it can be available absolutely for free. If being a goblin is something you dream, then the time has come for you to manifest on it. To be frank, I really enjoyed those skeletons having damn red eyes, and you will do the same as well. Your quest initiates straight from your house and moves through some interesting phases. Challenges like coming across with volcanos test your gaming potential to the very extent. The spontaneously popping skeletons add those very needed excitement factor in to your game. So, have a blast with your VR headsets. Get this game here:

Jack White: THIRD-D

Observation is something that invents ways for you. However, don’t make it too late by simply observing the things going on. White Stripes does their part; pretty much to an extent to put some impact. However, as a player you get to take a dig from each angle at the performance of Jack. Watch them with all flexibility. You can have your eyes set the way and in the direction you wish. Look at Jack White, or the people around; it’s always your way the things go on. Being a little tricky can offer you the best experience for you.

Temple Run VR

Needless is to introduce you something about a game like Temple Run. Starting from the social media, to gaming parlours, the game is in all buzz these days. Now you can get the double test from it through the very exciting VR headsets. As you know, the game is about an infinite run that has made many addicts on Android and iOS platforms. Making it spicier, it is now available for free. A sleek performing touch panel, magnificent graphics, along the VR set offer you the very best time the way you like. Starting from the tyros to the experienced folks, the game is stupendous for all.

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