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Top Hashtag Analytics Tools You Might Not Know About

Several top social networks use hashtags to facilitate conversations. Knowing this, brands can increase awareness and connect with their target market. Brands can also use hashtags to build communities that depend on users for content creation.

So, if you’re ready to start new conversations about your brand, you need to use the following hashtag analytics tools.

Hashtag Tracker

Tracking Twitter hashtags for a better fit in your posts can bring you lots of benefits. Studies show that using hashtags in the content on Twitter can incrementally increase impressions and maybe followers. Which makes it highly important and relevant to find accurate hashtags for your Twitter content and no only. Hashtag Tracker does all the hard work for you: it searches recommendations based on your needs, extracts data and insights for getting the top hashtags, monitors posts and topics on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

Once you find the hashtags, use one or two to change the engagement to your post. You get lots of other advantages of using the tool:

  • identify top influencers
  • discover new target groups
  • understand your audience better
  • research new content ideas.


Choose RiteTag to find relevant hashtags that your brand can leverage. The tool will tell you critical metrics about each one so that you can stay focused. In addition to showing you data about your active hashtags, this tool can monitor all the ones you follow.

RiteTag can also suggest profitable hashtags and alert you to the ones that you should avoid. This flexible utility can help you develop branded hashtags and use them to increase your brand’s exposure.


Instagram users love sharing their favorite brands with their online community. However, they won’t talk about your brand if they don’t know it exists. Pixlee’s free analytics tool for Instagram can help you search for hashtags and track their performance.

You’ll love how Pixlee provides weekly reports on branded and community hashtags. Additionally, you can use Pixlee’s social listening features to identify influencers. By using this tool, you’ll gain valuable insights that can shape your content.


Get all the data you need about hashtags that matter by using Hashtagify. This tool reveals vital information about influencers and their conversations. You’ll see a screenful of posts that give you essential information about time-related trends.

Moreover, you can use Hashtagify to project the popularity of hashtags. One of the hidden gems of Hashtagify, its variations tool, can keep you from missing opportunities you might otherwise miss.


Boost your hashtag research on Twitter by analyzing its hashtags. You’ll get dozens of reports that reveal hashtag reach. Additionally, you’ll get data about your hashtags’ popularity.

The tool also provides you with a glimpse of the users who contribute to each hashtag so that you know who to target next. If you choose to upgrade your plan, TweetReach will extend its analytics capabilities to include Twitter and Facebook data.

Ultimately, you should view the above hashtag tools to create a solid foundation for your social media engagement strategy. As you gain experience in the study and monitoring of hashtags, you’ll develop your ability to target influencers, define new audiences, and refine your message.

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