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Transformative Mobile Web Design

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Mobile web design has transformed the average web layout and increased on page optimization. Web designers are now striving to create an amazing mobile friendly web design. Google webmaster tools is even giving out direct pointers to mobile friendly design elements.

Websites that don’t have a mobile friendly web design will not have the best ranks on search engines as without a mobile friendly web design, they have eliminated a great portion of visitors. By becoming mobile friendly, this will instantly create a great visitor experience on page and this will also lead to a longer stay period on page per visitor.

Transformative Steps to Achieve a Mobile Friendly Web Design.

This list has been provided by Ntw Designs, an amazing web design company with tons of experience in web design, seo, and brand creation.

Button Boost

If you have buttons on your website, make sure they are increased enough to become viewable on a mobile device sized screen. Many websites have buttons, especially e-commerce stores. Buttons must always be increase to ensure that they are instantly viewable. To increase visibility even further, always add a vibrant color to the button.

Typography Design and Size

There are many different font styles available and used to make a website’s content even more interesting to read. Typography does not only boost a websites appearance, but it is google friendly most of the time. Google fonts are created by google and they are one hundred percent google friendly. When selecting your amazing font size, it is important to make sure that they specific text is actually readable. A way to improve readability ( especially for mobile devices) is by increasing the font size. Large font size makes it much easier for visitors on a smaller devices to read. Mobile friendly web design needs to have large font size to be up to standard.

Essential Viewport Tag

The viewport tag is required for mobile friendly web design. This tag will need to be placed in the head section of every web page. There are custom elements to add in terms of the max width element in the viewport tag.

Bold Headlines

Every website has a meaning or a message, the H1 tag is the first place where this message is displayed. Placing a large bold headline at the top of the title sections will increase visibility and readability on page. Some web designs even practice all caps headlines to make an even bigger impression.

One Page Web Design

The one page web design is the best web layout for mobile web visitors. When mobile visitors browse a page they usually want everything to appear before them. The one page web design is known to have a full showcase on just one page and an internal menu scroll. This benefits web visitors because they don’t need to jump on a new page per menu item click like they would have on a multi page web design. The one page web design brings the convenience of a one time load!

People of all professions have a mobile friendly web design currently or are converting to a mobile friendly web design. If you are a blogger or a large enterprise company,a mobile friendly web design is now a standard on the web. Follow all the great and most important ways provided above to make your website mobile friendly!

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  1. Great article. Most people now access the web on mobile devices, and this continues to exponentially increase. This makes the work of the web designer more and more important.

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