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Turn email into trackable support tickets

As an IT consulting and solutions provider, it is important for us to keep our IT jobs and emails organized. Sherpadesk is one way of accomplishing such a task with it’s functionality to turn email into trackable support tickets.

Automatically turn email into trackable support tickets.  With Sherpadesk, you can:

  • Add enhanced support in to your workflow is as easy as setting up an email addres
  • Streamline your support even more with automated notifications and account/client based email routing rules.
  • Send pictures, files, and documents through our advanced email parsing system to convert everything automatically.
  • Generate Invoices and Bills
  • Organize Your Accounts
  • View Asset History
  • Setup Projects
  • Email Parsing Integration

Best of all, it’s free for the following:

You’ll get access to every feature for FREE for 15 days. After that your account will be FREE FOREVER, just with a few less features. Below is what’s including in the free account.

1 Technician License
3 Customer Accounts
3 Projects
1 GB of Storage
4 Locations
25 Assets
10 KB Articles

For paid accounts, you only pay for what you use:

In essence it means you only pay for what you use. Rather than make you pay for features and tools you don’t need, we let you choose. So as your company and needs grows, you can scale your SherpaDesk to meet your demand.

For pricing, click here


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