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Turn off Google Search Personalization – Clear Google Search History

You may find that your search results are skewed in Google chrome or other browsers because Google personalizes your search results based on your past search activity on Google.  This may become a bit annoying to some SEO’s when trying to check on status of certain keywords, only to have recent searches to appear up at top, thus not providing an accurate display of their SEO keyword progress.  Search history personalization includes searches you’ve made or results you have clicked. Instructions for turning off search history personalization are a little different in each case as described below.

Signed in searches
To disable history-based search customizations while signed in, you need to remove all Web History from your Google Account. Removing this service deletes all your old searches from Web History and pauses your Web History. You can also choose to remove individual items, as well as pause your Web History.

Alternatively, you can turn off personal results, which will also disable several other personalization features, such as the ability to search across content shared by your friends. Personal results are currently not available in all languages.


Go here to delete your activity

Go here to pause recording of all activity on various Google platforms

Signed out searches
If you aren’t signed in to a Google Account, your search experience will be personalized based on past search information linked to a cookie on your browser. To disable these types of personalizations, follow these steps:

  1. Visit google.com/history/optout when not signed in to a Google Account. (If you see the Google homepage, try visiting the link again.)
  2. On the resulting page, click Disable customizations based on search activity. (Because this preference is stored in a cookie, it’ll affect anyone else who uses the same browser and computer as you).
    Or, if you’d rather just delete the current cookie storing searches from your browser and start fresh, clear your browser’s cookies.

Note: If you’ve disabled signed-out search history personalization, you’ll need to disable it again after clearing your browser cookies. Clearing your Google cookie clears your search settings, thereby turning history-based customizations back on.

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