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How to Turn Off Google Spam Filter

Gmail users, or gmail users that use a web client like outlook that manages spam: have you been missing some email?

POP users, is your junk mail not appearing on your email client?

Are unable to get to your missing email because you rarely logon to webmail?

Since Google does not offer an exact button to turn it off, you can create a filter to prevent yourself from missing emails again.

Here’s how to turn off Google Spam Filter.

  1. Click on Tools, Settings
  2. Under filters, create a new filter
  3. Where it says, Has the words, type is:spam
  4. Click continue and you will be prompted a warning.  Click OK
  5. Select never send to spam, and apply to matching conversions (optional) update-apply
  6. Update your filter, and start receiving unfiltered email again.

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  1. Thanks for this instructional. Wish Google would make an easy option for it.

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