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Unable to Preview Photoshop (.psd) Icons in Windows 7

Pictus is a fast, free image viewer. It is designed to be small, fast and just totally sweet. If you are content with your current photo viewer software you can still install Pictus and just let it help Windows Explorer show thumbnails for even more images. Development of Pictus is unfortunately halted until further notice, but it’s still worth taking out for a spin.

Supported file formats

Pictus supports a whole slew of different image formats. It only supports loading images as the emphasis has been on the image viewer part.

BMP: Windows bitmap.
GIF:Graphics Interchange Format, static and animated
JPG, JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
PCX: PC Paintbrush Personal Computer eXchange
PNG: Portable Network Graphics
PSD: AdobePhotoshop native format
PSP, PSPImage: Corel Paint Shop Pro native format
TGA: Truevision Graphics Adapter, TARGA
TIFF: Tagged Image File Format
WBMP: Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap
XYZ: RPG Maker image

Get Pictus Here

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  1. Why is developmeny of Pictus put on hold?

  2. Not sure, but it works!

  3. angelikapaulsen

    Glad there is freeware to overcome this issue!

  4. elwoodsalisbury

    Hate how windows 7 doesn’t allow you to preview images!

  5. spletna parfumerija

    why doesnt windows 7 allow you to do this?

  6. thanks! stupid how windows does not recognize these

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