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Most Valuable SEO Extensions

Chrome is a valuable tool for analyzing websites, and even more powerful with various extensions that can pull up information in a flash, without having to leave the page.

Here are some of our favorite Chrome extensions for SEO.

Google Global (now only for Firefox, named SEO Global For Google Search™ (Formerly Google Global)

Google Global, Developed by Redfly LTD (Redfly Marketing) is an extension that allows you to see how Google search results appear in different countries, regions and cities. Google global has default countries set and allows you to add customized locations so you can see how search results appear in the exact location that you require. Excellent for SEO/Marketing companies who work with clients in different regions.

SEOmoz SEO Toolbar for Chrome

SEOmoz has rebuilt its popular Firefox toolbar as an extension for Chrome!
SEO Toolbar Highlights
– Easy access to SEOmoz link metrics while you surf the web
– An analyze Page overlay, exposing metrics and page elements
– A SERP overlay with detailed link metrics
– Simple highlighting of nofollowed links.
– Quick access to powerful tools.
– Ability to display the toolbar at the top or bottom of the page

View Linkscape Metrics Right on the Toolbar
– Page Authority and Domain Authority.
– mozRank™ (mR) and mozTrust™ (mT) for every URL that you visit.
– Domain mozRank™ (DmR) and Domain mozTrust™ (DmT) too!
– The number of URLs and domains linking to the page.

SEO Site Tools

Seen on http://j.mp/searchenginejournal as “The SEO Tool That May Make You Switch to Google Chrome” and http://j.mp/SeoMoz this tool is the most comprehensive SEO Tool on any browser… not only does it pull more metircs from more sources, including social media reactions, it also enhances common tools like Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster tools with links anchor text and pagerank.Even nofollow link hilighting, popout ability, color themes, even more below… also http://j.mp/SiteToolsPrivacy

SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar

The SEO Status PageRank / Alexa Toolbar is:
* Simple
* Light-weight
* Very fast
* Will improve Alexa rank for visited sites
It shows the PR and Alexa rank for every website visited right on the button itself.
Unlike other popular extensions that bog down the Chrome browser, the SEO Status Toolbar is the fastest and most light-weight Page Rank extension that I’ve seen. It was written to be lightening fast and very simple. It WILL NOT slow down the loading of a website as it calculates the data on a seperate thread from the main browser. The PageRank and Alexa rank do not rely on a third-party website to gather its data, but retrieves it from Google and Alexa directly. When the button is clicked, it shows more data such as an Alexa traffic graph, ranking number, and useful tools for the avid webmaster.


Displays the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and other SEO parameters of any webpage, highlights nofollow links, text density, check and compare urls.

Site Geo IP Locator

If you click the icon in the a tab that opened a web page, it shows the IP address of current web site, locate the IP geolocation on the map. If you click the icon in a blank tab, it shows your current IP address. This extension is great for SEO research and web developers.

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