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vsc off and vsc trac lights on 4 runner

Been looking for a solution for years to this vsc off and vsc trac lights on 4 runner 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007. 2008. 2009.  The solution is to perform a zero point calibration.

2003 4Runner Zero Point Calibration

  1. Put steering wheel on straight position and level surface
  2. Insert thick paperclips into the appropriate slots:
    – First paperclip: top row 3rd hole from the left
    – 2nd paperclip: 2nd row 4th hole from the right
  3. Touch the paperclips together 4 or more times in 8 seconds
  4. Turn car off then turn to on position on again
  5. Trac and vsc off lights will be on and stay on for about 15 seconds and will shut off
  6. After they shut off wait a few seconds to make sure they do not come back on and turn car off again
  7. Take two paper clips squeeze together and turn car back onto the on position; lights will start flashing; turn car back off; pull paperclips out and turn car back on

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