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Ways In Which SMS Marketing Helps Retain Customers For Driving Loyalty

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Even though it is not a new thing nowadays, but still mobile advertisement is in its infancy stage. Well, that has not slowed down the astronomical growth in terms of businesses, trying to buy into this powerful form of consumer touch point over here.

If you ever check out the latest calculations made, you will be really surprised to know that SMS text messaging has been a fastest growing sector of modern times, especially in the field of mobile advertising. The recent statistics clearly show that SMS messages come handy with 9.6 trillion messages as sent in 2012 alone. There are some more accurate statistics available, for which you have to click on Portio Research.

As the mobile advertising sector based revenue is leaping to a few billions in previous years, SMS text messaging is now considered to be one of the most effective ways to retain customers. It is also a great way to drive some long-term loyalty, mainly when anyone is dealing with local businesses. Now, the main question in your mind is how SMS text messaging can help in your business growth. How can it help to retain customers and drive some loyalty? For that and some more answers, take time to visit Simpletexting.com and you will never regret making this decision.

An accurate form of targeting

SMS text messages are a great way to help customers sign up for the field of messaging through text message. this is a great way to gain some permission to add a phone number to the current list. No matter whatever the reason might be but a list of permission-based subscribers is stated to be quite effective. This step will help in making information on the list even more accurate with every passing day. So, it makes making messages that you send to the audience more effective and targeted at the same time.

  • In case your business is known to have over one location with various marketing campaigns for multiple regions and unique product catalog, then SMS is the only proven way to help target specified message to multiple groups. It helps in ensuring the targets of current marketing messages to be appropriate and accurate.
  • For further improving the current targeting, there are some SMS services, which will offer surveys at signup for ensuring there is not much data gathered about the current potential prospects as asked for.
  • An accurate form of targeted SMS campaign helps in retaining customers for a longer term. It is mainly because customers will receive a message matching their level of interest and relating to their current physical location.
  • If that wasn’t enough, mobile users are not as annoyed with SMS ads because the text messaging networks have not been overrunning with advertising. It has not spam marketing channel like emails have done over years.
  • If you can just personalize your current marketing messages, then you can enjoy long-term loyalty. This step helps in bridging a gap between the audience and your message.
  • Customers are always on the lookout to purchase from your business for quite some time if messaging seems personal and relevant. Right now, SMS text messaging is quite tapping into the power of personalization well.

Cost effective forms of campaigns

You have the multiple channelized marketing approaches, which is no doubt, a huge step in the proper direction for businesses and consumers alike. But, with the campaigns running across so many marketing channels, business budgets are quite stretched to some limitations. If luck is by your side, you can easily take advantage of SMS text messaging as your promising affordable investment. Here, you get the chance to scale to larger audiences in no time.

  • As SMS remains cost-effective, it will provide businesses with the opportunity to support campaign a lot better on such channels. It will further lead to a promising increment in customer-centric retention.
  • An example might help you get the right answer over here. With low executing cost, SMS campaign of a business can always support offerings with offers and incentives.
  • It can further be used to connect efforts to other marketing channels for ensuring there is a stranger cohesive strategy across every possible platform you will come across.

Everything depends on the proper context

The SMS based targeting level for the business is often termed to be powerful with proficient strategy in place.  However, it is further crucial to incorporate right context in messaging s that’s what keeps customers keep coming back for more. Businesses, which often decide when and how to message their subscribers will always work on a few major factors. All these factors are collaborated to inform the success of messaging and relevancy.

  • Right now, geo-fencing is designed to be a promising tactic for ensuring that you sent relevant text messages to subscribers whenever they are within the virtual boundary like a certain region or store location.
  • In this way, if the customer is passing your store or a nearby mall selling your products, then your business might text them about the latest coupon, message or offer. If the customers want, they can just take this opportunity to enter the mall and make the purchase, resulting in your business growth.
  • This form of service applies to the time of day too for some other businesses like any café or restaurant for example. In case a restaurant is known for dinner offerings, they would like to send out a text message in the afternoon to subscribers when they are actually thinking to make some dinner plans. Here, the effort is to make the timing right, to make the message more effective.
  • If you are able to use SMS in the right context, you can paint a more compelling picture for audiences. This step, in turn, helps in driving stronger value and presenting a more compelling story for retaining in near future.

These are some of the proven ways in which business uses SMS text message for retaining customers. You can try any one or all the strategies, as per your business-centric approach. You will come to know which one works the best for you once you start focusing on these effective services.

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