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Experience touchscreen like input with your webcam

Draw in the air with this cool Microsoft utility still in development.  It is in open source so that other programmers can mess with it.

Microsoft ‘Touchless”  is a Microsoft Office Labs Grassroots Project that started from an idea Mike Wasserman, a Microsoft Office Graphics developer, started during his college days to create multi-touch experience using a webcam. Through Office Labs sponsorship, Mike’s weekend hobby turned into an open-source prototype, currently available for download.

With just a webcam and color markers, you can get a taste of Touchless through the multi-touch demos.

Download Here

For programmers, the Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for you to view, contribute to the code, or create your own multi-touch applications to help explore the possibilities.

Gesture Controllers

There are many new devices and technologies now on the market that provide gesture control capabilities. Soon, you may even be able to control things with your brain or your eyes!  Check out some of these gesture control devices on the market today.

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