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Website Conversions Can Be Boosted By The Color Psychology, Here’s How You Can Do That

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Isn’t it interesting to think of the usage of different colors in order to make your marketing effort more influential for your different group of customers? This is very unique idea to use and select the colors, which can change your marketing efforts and have a strong impact on your customers buying behavior as well as their response towards the marketing campaign.

According to the studies, colors have a major role in changing the decision of the audience as per the perception of these colors of the audience. There are 60% reactions that show that people accept or reject a product due to its colors or the colors that are used in the advertisement of those products.

In the newspaper or magazines, there are more than 42% facebook and Instagram followers who pay attention to the products ads. which are colorful rather than the advertisements that are in white and black basic combo. So we will discuss some facts, which will prove that colors’ psychology is also an important factor in boosting the website conversions.

Facts that Color Psychology Matters in the Conversions Rate

According to the research, there are more than 80% of the consumers who will prefer to buy the large appliances if it is in the colors they desire. For 84% people, the main motive behind buying an appliance or a product is the color of that product used by the brand. For example, few years back Heinz used the green color in their signature logo changing it from the red color and in 7 months they noticed a huge increase in the sales of their product. Just by changing the color of the signature logo on their ketchup bottle, they made the record sales in a few months.

Colors and Type of Shoppers

For different type of shoppers, different colors are preferred. The traditional shoppers are most likely to be present in the clothing stores and they prefer pink, rose, and sky blue colors. The impulsive buyers are mostly found in the restaurants, for clearance sales, and in malls. They have been noticed to prefer blue, black, red, and orange colors. The shoppers that are on budget are commonly found in departmental stores and they mostly prefer the teal and navy blue colors in their shopping.

Colors and Gender

Gender plays a huge role in making the preference of the customers different among the men and women. The marketers must know their preferences while advertising their products for these groups accordingly.

As per the research, women mostly go for the colors which are soft and they are mostly interested in the items that are colorful. While on the other hand, the other group like the plain bold colors and they believe difference in the shades of the colors rather than the colorful items. Men mostly prefer the colors like black, grey, green, and blue. While women customers like the colors like pink, green, and blue colors while shopping. The colors can be of a product or it could be the color of brand which cam attract the customers to buy certain product.

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