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What Are Top Reasons for Developers to Opt for Salesforce DX?

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Salesforce DX that is predominantly used by developers actually allows users total version control. We know that version control would be allowing developers to possess much more control over auditing, collaboration, and even disaster control.

Salesforce DX is supposed to be a vital element of a truly agile release plan. This would be assisting users in building and releasing features faster and definitely, with minimized risks.

Building Together with the Amazing Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX brings to you a cutting-edge experience that would be revolutionizing the manner in which the Salesforce applications are built. Salesforce DX would be providing individual developers and professional teams with an integrated, seamless, and end-to-end lifecycle that has been carefully designed for agile development and top performance. The best thing about Salesforce DX is that it is versatile, flexible, and an open platform so you could consider building together with whatever tools you are conversant with.

Source-Driven Development

Thanks to the Salesforce DX, you now have the opportunity to take advantage of the advanced and the latest collaboration technologies like Git to total version control that allows you to share metadata, code, and Org configuration seamlessly with your team. In order to make this happen smoothly, Salesforce DX gives you the power to go on exporting your metadata, defining data import files, and specifying easily the features, edition, and also configuration choices of your development, production, and staging environments.

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Rapid Testing and Agile Development

Salesforce DX has introduced a novel kind of environment referred to as the Scratch Orgs. You could create a scratch Org in a jiffy for testing your code. Moreover, when you have finished validating your alterations, you could utilize your much-loved and preferred CI tools for immediately testing and promoting your code. When you find your tests are actually passing, you could consider merging your branch, building packages, and deploying to the staging sandbox to do the final testing.

Standard Open Developer Experience

Salesforce DX actually gives you a wonderful experience right from the word go while letting you use the tools that you would love to work with for catering to the unique requirements of your team. You are free to build around a robust CLI (Command-Line Interface) and some open APIs or Application Programming Interfaces. You could exercise flexibility for building with your loved tools. If you are wanting to code in the latest and convenient

IDE or the integrated development environment or a text editor, Salesforce DX has you covered. You could consider using Selenium or Jenkins and there are no issues about that.


Along with various reasons that entice developers to the Salesforce DX, we know that Salesforce DX would be introducing a novel technique of organizing your metadata and distributing apps. You could now adopt a really source-driven CLI-oriented approach for automating and managing effectively the end-to-end lifecycle and delivering apps in an advanced and truly effective manner. You must realize that packages would be taking complete benefit of the Salesforce DX tools for enhancing the experience.

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