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What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?

ipad Mini 42126.1351520532.1280.1280  82667.1351936926.1280.128011 300x300 - What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?Read a great blog recently from a company in the uk called Express iPad repair leeds, it has prompted me to write a little something about the cool iPad. Apple will start ramping up production of the next generation of iPads this July and August to prepare for shipments in August and September. Fifteen million units of the new and improved iPad are expected to ship before the end of the year.

What can users expect from the new model? The answer is a lighter, thinner iPad. Experts in the industry predict the new tablets will be at least 15 percent slimmer than the iPad 4.
That thinness is the result of a new screen technology that will also make the new iPads consume less power. In contrast to the current incarnation’s GG touch screens, the iPad 5 will likely rely on GF2 screen technology that runs on less juice and will reduce the battery size by as much as 25 or 30 percent. The new and improved screen features more efficient LED backlights, and only two battery cells will be needed to run the new iPads, instead of three, leading to a significant reduction in thickness.

Rumors abound about a design change that may make the new iPad look more like an iPad mini. A curved casing and thinner bezels are expected, and two supposed leaks show curved cases for the new iPad and a front cover glass in the same shape. Leaked photos also show a new dark aluminum style reminiscent of the iPad mini.

The iPad 5 will also likely reveal internal changes. The new models are rumored to be equipped with a SoC created using Samsung’s 28 nonometer process. This change will increase processing power and boost overall efficiency.

The camera specs will likely stay the same, indicating that the 5-megapixel shooter of the iPad 4 will carry over to the fifth generation. Users can also expect to continue getting the FaceTime HD package.

At 500 grams, the iPad 5 will also be lighter than the previous version, which weighs in at 650 grams.

The most noticeable difference between the fourth and fifth generations will be the smaller size, and users who want an even smaller version can look forward to the release of a new iPad mini in the later half of the year. Express iPad repair is part of Mac repair ltd based in the UK.

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