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What To Consider When Hiring A Toronto Marketing Agency

A good marketing campaign can send your business hundreds of miles past your competitors and help you become a shining beacon in your industry. This is the ideal goal, of course, and marketing agencies are working day and night to ensure they get to deliver only the best in quality plans for their clients based on their needs.

Relying on a marketing agency means having an extra pair of hands when it comes to utilizing the full brunt of today’s technological marvels to gain prospects, leads, and customers. Moreover, it seems today’s digital consumer is glued too much to their screens, and this is an advantage you have to take note of.

If you’re one of the many prospective companies seeking the aid of a Toronto marketing agency, especially for the sake of search engine optimization (SEO) and other useful marketing tools, just what should you consider?

In fact, eConsultancy numbers state that an average netizen actually consumes 10 hours’ worth of digital content everyday! Tapping into this resource can potentially generate not just brand endorsers, but leads and customers as well. So how can a Toronto marketing agency help?

  • Assess what you need first before making a shortlist. A lot of marketing agencies will more or less highlight their capabilities to you, and sometimes some of these companies may have a tendency to exaggerate their capabilities. You can avoid these companies by making sure you elaborate on exactly what your needs are. Aside from saying you simply need a “campaign,” try to be more specific. Which aspects of your business do you want to be in this campaign? What form of tools do you want to emphasize? What product or service do you want to focus on?
  • See what they’re offering, and if it’s something you can benefit from. A lot of marketing agencies may more or less revolve around doing the same set of things, but they do it in ways that make them “different” from their peers. Try to ask what sort of services an agency offers, and how they do it. How do pitches work for them? What forms of tools and campaigns do they perform best? Are they more specialized with search engine optimization (SEO), or content marketing, or affiliate marketing?
  • Check previous experience, if there’s any. If you could ask for samples of agencies they’ve worked with and samples of work they’ve done for them, do so. This allows you to see the kind of product they may be able to offer you and offer you a perspective from a client point of view. If you’ve liked how they’ve done a campaign for a particular company, then perhaps this marketing agency can be for you.
  • If not previous experience, ask for a sample pitch, or discuss one on the spot. Check their industry knowledge and what they think they can offer your company during one of your meetings. If you’re liking what you’re hearing, then that’s great, as this probably means they’ve taken the time to study your company and what they think are options appropriate for your needs as well.
  • Always get the numbers across. Don’t ever forget to include the essential numbers when looking to hire a marketing agency. Aside from asking for a quotation based on the kind of output you need, always ask the agency if they can work within your own personal budget should the quotation be beyond your expected spendings. Ask them about extra fees and numbers you hope to expect as part of your returns of investment. Making these numbers clear as early as possible can avoid confusion later.


Remember, when it comes to what to consider when hiring a Toronto marketing agency, always keep your goals in check and make sure everything is working towards this brand philosophy. Sometimes, the best campaign strategies fail because companies tend to focus on a lot of things at once. Try to make sure your campaign follows the tips above, and add a bit of twist to it to add your personal flavor on the strategy.

Matthew West is a writer contributing pieces to Digital Rocket Fuel. As a technology and digital marketing enthusiast, he understands that sometimes technicalities in the subjects he discusses can be hard to understand. However, he tries to remedy this by making sure his pieces are informative and entertaining. He loves tinkering with his gadgets when he has the time.

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