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What to Do After an Accident at Work

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It’s quite a common occurrence for employees to fall victim to accidents while carrying out their everyday tasks in the workplace.

After an accident has occurred, it can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience, which may leave you in a state of panic regarding the next steps to take.

If you are left severely injured, knowing how to manage the situation is essential.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from a workplace injury or are looking for advice in case it should ever happen to you, here are the important steps that should be taken, so you are covered at all costs. Remember, it is your employer’s responsibility to keep you safe at work.

Report the injury as soon as it happens

If you were working alone at the time the accident occurred, it’s important that you alert your employees of the accident as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that if you ever need to claim compensation, there will be no disputes regarding whether the accident actually occurred and how severe the injury was.

In some cases, an employer may put pressure on the employee to deny that the accident even happened and often, employees fall victim to these intimidations out of fear they may lose their job.

Record the injury in an accident book

After an injury, the very last thing on your mind is writing the details of how and where the accident happened, but doing so could be of huge benefit to the employee if they ever need to claim compensation or take time off work as a result of the injury. It is crucial that even though your employer may skim over your requests of reporting the accident that is never goes unreported, regardless of how minor the injury may seem at the time.

If your employer rejects the idea of allowing you to record the accident, it would be wise to write an email so you have hard evidence that you have tried to take the matter further. Sent emails from your side cannot be deleted even though your employer may delete their received mail.

But should you need to take legal action for the workplace accident, consider engaging the services of Mazin & Associates, PC for professional assistance.

Speak to a compensation expert

If you believe the accident definitely wasn’t your fault, then you have every right to claim compensation for your injuries. As a result of severe injury, you may have had to take time off work which will leave you at a loss financially, as well as having to come up with extra cash to pay for medical bills. This is where The Compensation Experts would be worth talking to. They help victims of workplace accidents claim the compensation they deserve on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Keep a note of your expenses and losses

The idea of asking for the assistance of a compensation expert is to put you back in the position you were in financially before the accident happened. If, for example, you lost wages as a result of the accident, you should be able to recover your earnings. Likewise, you may have been expecting bonuses or a promotion around the time of the accident, which should also be recovered if you win the claim.

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