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What’s the best gamification software for enterprises?

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Every gamification software contains some kind of reporting and analytics feature. Gamification software buyers must make sure the software they choose has metrics that correlate to those which are important to their business.

In this article, we bring you the 5 top-rated gamification software systems designed for different business goals.

Tango Card

Tango Card can be used both internally and externally. It delivers incentives to not only employees, but customers, partners, and even suppliers. Its huge catalog helps its users store different kinds of reward formats (donations, e-gift cards, prepaid items, etc.), which depend on goals and audience. This software allows awardees to choose their reward.


This software includes the employee incentive program and customer loyalty program. It is designed to allow its users to run a customer support leaderboard-based gamification or sales performance with the aim of improving best practices. Badgeville also provides a parallel social media-based rewards program used for tracking customer engagement and award incentives to brand ambassadors. Multiple point systems are used to track performance. For customers, it offers special discounts, coupons, trophies, and freebies. Furthermore,  it monitors customer engagement, including site visits, video streaming, and shopping cart activities. Badgeville is easily linked to Facebook or Twitter, which is helpful in landing a wider reach and a more engaging platform to customer reward programs.


With GamEffective gamification software, managers can easily identify specific KPI of employees and compare the results with the actual employees’ performance. It is extremely helpful in improving key employee skills in a short period of time. Employees can track their improvement, take quizzes, work on simulation, and many other learning segments to keep on improving their results. GamEffective can also be applied to sales. This software uses analytics to track employees’ real-time progress and sends daily feedback to employees. With GamEffective, workers become more interested in their jobs, and learning new strategies drives them to give their best to help their company achieve business goals. Key features of GamEffective include eLearning, leaderboards, activity tracking, notifications, real-time updates, visual analytics, and many others.

Get Badges

This software system is primarily designed for software development companies. GetBadges tracks employees’ progress during the development stage of a product so they can focus more easily on the project without stress and complete it is less time. It uses badges and rewards to motivate performance and boost productivity. GetBadges key features include custom KPIs and monsters, API, TV screen dashboard, and badge editor.


Woo Board helps employers to recognize and appreciate their top- performing employees. With this gamification software system, employers can engage with their staff members and discover their true potential to help them boost their performance. Employees earn points for their performance and exchange them for gift cards. A range of reporting tools and analytics that this software provides helps in measuring and assessing performance, boost talent, culture adoption, and company values. Its key features include consulting, status updates, notifications, summary reports, leaderboards, and activity reports.

When choosing the best gamification software for your company, make sure you have well-defined goals. It is of the utmost importance to know your goals as it will help you find the best software, the one that will meet the needs of your employees or customers, and finally help you achieve your goals.

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