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Where to sell broken iPhone 5

Where to sell your broken iPhone – If you are like me, you have a iPhone or similar smartphone or android.  You use it daily if not hourly!  You use it more than anything else you own.

iphone 4 broken screen repair1 150x150 - Where to sell broken iPhone 5As technology is used, things can happen.  Many of our devices will get broken or damaged, however the question to ask, is what will we do with our broken iPhone 5, or other device when it is broken and has stopped working?  Many of us may attempt to fix it, or repair it, however some of us may not have time and may just let it sit around in a desk drawer, or maybe even throw it away.  In fact many US households throw away their unwanted technology instead of recycling it or selling it!  The truth is that a lot of the technology we use today is not recycled or sold.  This doesn’t have to be the truth!

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Recycle, Sell, and be green – We overlook the consequences of not recycling, but they are huge, in fact a lot of facts state that when we don’t recycle we are harming the earth!

All Electronic technology changes as fast as you can say “smartphone”. Upgrades and advances are constantly evolving the way we communicate and compute information. CashitGadget realizes your need to stay current, yet we also see that these changes create electronic waste, which is harmful to our environment. According to cleanair.org, “only 10 percent of the 140.3 million cell phones retired in 2007 were recycled”. This statistic is frightening to our future as we are needlessly filling our planet with unwanted, used electronic waste. Cleanair.org also says, “About 304 million electronics were disposed of from US households in 2005. Two-thirds of them still worked.” There are some companies that are dedicated to reducing landfills by recycling/selling your unwanted gadgets. “Recycling one million cell phones allows 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium to be recovered” Cleanair.org remarks.  This could seriously improve our planet and the world we live in.  This isn’t something to taken lightly.  Our technology isn’t something to be thrown away.

Where to sell broken iPhone 5 – The truth is that we shouldn’t throw away our iPhones or devices, but we can sell them!  There are a few VERY useful websites that help you sell your device easier and offer a fast turnaround time.

SellBrokeniPhone5 300x157 - Where to sell broken iPhone 5

http://DeviceFlip.com – Device Flip offers one of the best services because it is very easy.  All you have to do is log onto the website, find and search for your correct model, and continue to get a 100% satisfaction guaranteed quote!  Its simple, easy, and fast.  For more information visit the website.  If you have a broken iPhone, you can also sell it for a good price!

http://SellBrokeniPhone.co – Broken iPhones are prevalent.  We break them all the time.  Lets not waste money by throwing them away however because in fact they are worth good money!  Sell Broken iPhone.co offers the top prices for your broken iPhones and devices!  Don’t wait for the value to decrease, but lock in your quote today for your broken iPhone!

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