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Who is Calling Me?

Have caller ID and can’t always find a way to verify the person calling?  For years, cold calling and call spamming has been a common bad business practice for many companies.  They bombard businesses and consumers with unwanted phone calls, even though you are already on a do not call list.

Here are some tips to help find out who is calling you or filter out unwanted calls.

Filtering Out Calls: Get a Google Voice Number

At times you are required to give a phone number, but may not be completely comfortable having your phone number out there.  Google Voice is free and offers a secondary phone number in which you are able to use to receive and make calls and even send text messages to.  When a caller calls, you know which number they are calling from and are able to either transfer them to voicemail or accept the call.  Google Voice is free to all Gmail users.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Google the Phone Number

Determining who is calling you is as easy as Googling the phone number. Doing so will produce numerous results, from past history of a phone number, who or what business is trying to get a hold of you, to complaints about businesses. Even if the phone number does not have caller ID, this method usually helps to determine who is on the other side of that telephone.

Mobile Phones: Get an App

In the modern day, everyone is on mobile phones.  While the traditional landline caller ID offers a basic idea of the person calling, it does not always have all the information.   There are many useful apps to help you determine who is calling you and put an end to spam callers and robots.   A reverse phone number lookup application for your phone can help you determine who a questionable phone number might be.

Like Google Voice, these apps provide similar functionality and more, like blocking the caller, proceeding with the call, or saving as a new contact.  These apps can refer to people databases and suggest how the number might be related to you or an outside entity.

Check out review sites for the best android reverse phone lookup apps or IOS apps.

Remove your Phone Number or Personal Information from the Internet

The person or business calling you got your phone number somehow, through a people database, phone directory, etc. Removing your personal information from these listings and directories can help eliminate some unwanted calls.  Here are some tips on how to remove personal information from Internet.

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