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Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Content Management System

If you are looking to build a website, you have probably noticed that there are many CMSs to choose from. CMS stands for content management system and is used to build websites with ease.

They will usually have templates you can pay for and customize to how you would like it.

WordPress is a content management system and is the most popular of them all. It is simple and easy to use, perfect for beginners looking to build a website. Like all content management systems, there are pros and cons to each of them. However, there seem to be more positives than negatives with a WordPress site.

Relatively Cheap To Use

The primary positive of WordPress is that it is free to use so it gives you the chance to get used to the CMS. It is an open-source project available to anyone who has an internet connection.

Despite many features being available for free, you have to pay for the premium features. WordPress hosting can cost you £7 per month which can add up over the year. Furthermore, you are required to pay for themes and plugins although some are free. Again, the premium templates require payment and are better.

WordPress is Easily Adaptable

Another positive with WordPress is that it is easily adaptable. The biggest misconception about WordPress is that many people believe it is a CMS designed to build blogs. That is not the case. Yes, it is easy to post blogs using WordPress but it is also great at building very technical websites.

One of the core issues with building a website is that you have to look to integrate a blogging system but with WordPress, that is not the case. Additionally, there are many different types of websites which you can build. That includes Blogs, Business websites, Portfolios, Forums, Ecommerce sites, Chatrooms, Galleries, Personal websites and more. Although other CMS systems are used for designing an ecommerce site, WordPress is still capable of being an ecommerce site.

WordPress Supports Many Different Types Of Media

Another positive to WordPress is that it can have images, documents, audio and video content implemented onto the site. All files are supported with WordPress which is what you want with a modern website. Gone are the days when websites would only consist of large paragraphs and small images.

When you use media types such as images and videos, they must be owned/created by you. The last thing you want is to get into trouble with someone for copyright. There are many different types of media that people create so they can be used by others. Make sure you use those images and videos which are free for public use.

WordPress is Simple To Use And Has A Large Community

Another positive of WordPress is that it is simple to use and, due to its popularity, it has a large community. If you ever get stuck when building your websites, you can contact the support team or search the forum to find the solution. If you cannot find the solution to your problem, post in a forum and someone will eventually reply to your post.

There are also many online courses with WordPress to teach you the basics of WordPress development. Additionally, you can search the web for a blog or a webinar to educate you more on the CMS.

You Can Easily Scale Up Your Website

One of the most beneficial parts of building a website on WordPress is that you can scale up your website very easily. When you have built a website, it isn’t the end. As you are managing your website, you will likely want a new feature to improve your site even more and sometimes, certain themes are not capable of doing this. Nevertheless, you can still do this. All you need to do is pick a different theme which is more advanced and upgrade your website.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert When Running A WordPress Website

Another positive of WordPress is that you don’t need to be a developer to use this CMS. There are hundreds of online guides that can teach you everything you need to know about WordPress websites.

You also don’t need to be an expert to manage your website. All you need to do is make sure the website is like and the server is fine. You must also ensure your website is secure and create regular backups of your website. Additionally, you must keep plugins and themes updated regularly. Again, to get the best features and improve overall security. Setting up Google Search Console for your website is strongly recommended to ensure your website is running smoothly.

Don’t Forget About SEO

There are many things that you will need to do to ensure your website gets traffic. SEO will help your website rank well on Google and get visitors.

There are many plugins that you can use to help boost your website’s SEO however, Yoast SEO is arguably the best. When installed, Yoast will ask you to focus on a keyword. Yoast will then tell you whether your page is optimized for that keyword or not.

Final Opinions

There are many reasons to use WordPress for your content management system. It is simple to use and can learn everything you need to know with ease. The community is large with WordPress and because of this, there will be many people who are capable of helping you.

As mentioned earlier, there are many forums and blogs which give you tips on how to build your website. WordPress has ensured that building a website using their CMS is simple and easy to use. Building a website should be simple when using a CMS.

If you don’t think you have the time to learn how to build a website then that is not a problem. Due to how large the WordPress community is, there are many WordPress agencies which specialise in developing websites. A WordPress agency will ask you what you require on your website and then they will sort all of the technicalities out.

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