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Why Your Small Business Needs IT Managed Services to Thrive

Did you know that 58.9 million employees in the U.S. work for small businesses? That’s almost half of the entire nation’s workforce!

What’s more, about 20 million of these people work for micro-businesses.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the sobering start-up failure rate. Of businesses that opened in 2014, only 56% were still open in 2018.

Cyber attacks are among the main reasons many businesses fail. In fact, 60% of SMBs that had a cyber attack folded six months after the incident.

All these should tell you how vital powerful cybersecurity measures are today. And that’s exactly what IT managed services can bring to the table.

We’ll explain in more detail below why you need such services, so be sure to keep reading!

Keep You from Wearing Too Many “Hats”

Let’s say your business is part of the 41.64% of U.S. firms that have two to four employees. Let’s also say that you have two other people working for you.

It’s likely that you pay both of them to work on the core tasks of your business. If you run a small advertising firm, one likely is your graphic designer, the other, a copywriter.

That leaves you not only with core tasks, but also accounting and marketing! You’re also the manager, HR, and the “financial department”. Unless you also pay your employees to do IT work, then you’re also wearing the IT hat.

All these other jobs you take on are killing your productivity. In fact, one study found that admin tasks are costing the U.S. $2.87 trillion in lost productivity!

They’re also taking you away from the things you do best — the reason you started your business. Imagine how many more projects you could have taken if you had one less non-core task to worry about.

Managed IT services can free you from one responsibility that you may not even have training for. Remember: All it takes is a single loophole in your cybersecurity measures for a hacker to find you. From there, they can steal sensitive data, including those of your customers.

Ensure Your Network Security Is Always Up-to-Date

Almost two-thirds of Americans have a personal experience of one major data breach. Of these victims, 41% faced fraudulent credit card charges. 35% of the victims also reported receiving notification about their compromised sensitive data.

A big reason for these breaches? The businesses they transacted with lacked network security. A common factor among these firms is that they relied on outdated security programs.

Some businesses also have unregulated computer use among workers. For example, an employee may connect an infected USB to a company computer. If this happens, the virus or malware can then infect the entire company network.

Unless your company’s IT network is always up-to-date with the latest security programs. But if you’re wearing the IT hat, you likely delay or forget about updating computer software. If you do, you’re not alone — a study found that 40% of people delay software updates.  You may also consider that employees offsite should use VPN software.

A managed IT support team can prevent data breaches by being on top of security updates. These IT specialists use advanced protection from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. With these pros on your team, you can prevent compromising your business’ and clients’ data.

Prevent Costly IT Issues that Drain Productivity

Up to now, many businesses consider IT support only for a break-fix approach. In short, they only hire IT, specialists, when a computer breaks down or when the network is down.

Granted, this may sound like a “cost-effective”, practical strategy. These businesses think they only need IT services when they have an actual problem. What they fail to realize is that all that downtime already leads to loss of productivity.

Let’s say you experience an hour of intermittent Internet connection every business day. That’s five hours a week, or around 260 hours every business year! Imagine how much profitable work you could have done during those times.

Keeping your company’s network stable and secure is only one area that IT pros specialize in. They also schedule all devices and software for needed upgrades. All these can help prevent costly IT issues from occurring in the first place.

… And Have Them Fixed ASAP When They Do Happen

And in case you do run into computer or network problems, you can rest assured that IT support is available 24/7. These pros can handle any IT-related issue, including disaster recovery services. They also keep backups of your entire system, so in cases of data loss, it’s easy to retrieve and recover them.

More Cost-Effective than an In-House Team

Small business owners have an average salary of $60,710. Now, compare that with an in-house IT specialist’s average paycheck, which sits at $68,957 a year.

Even if you’re making more than the average small business owner, an in-house IT specialist can be too costly.

Don’t forget that an in-house IT department also means purchasing your own equipment. There’s also the cost of renting a space for all those devices. You also have to cover the cost of equipment upgrades and maintenance using your own money.

You can keep much of that money by hiring an outsourced IT support provider. For starters, they work off-site, so they charge less than an in-house IT specialist. They also shoulder the cost of necessary equipment and software, plus their maintenance.

IT Managed Services are Flexible and Scalable

Do you need only specialized support for moving to the cloud? Or you only need 24/7 technical support or access to a helpdesk? Perhaps all you need at the moment is help with data back up and recovery.

If you have specific IT support requirements, you can choose to outsource only what you need. Providers of managed IT services, after all, are flexible, so you can choose only the services you need.

Keep Your Business Out of Cybercrime-Related Headlines Now

Keep in mind that almost six in 10 cyberattacks target small businesses. The last thing you want is for your own firm to end up part of the statistics. Not only will you lose credibility if you do — you’re much likely to suffer legal consequences too.

So, as early as now, consider investing in IT managed services! This way, you can keep your company away from the prying eyes and fingers of cybercriminals. Plus, you get to focus on doing exactly what you started your business for.

Want to know how your business’ cybersecurity measures are faring? Then use our ultimate guide on conducting a thorough cybersecurity assessment!

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