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Microsoft Windows’s PowerShell is a suped up command line shell and scripting language so powerful that you can write up your own application GUI’s and fuctions in command line.

It uses a new admin-focused scripting language (an immense language of it’s own) with more than 130 command line tools, syntax and utilities. Use get-command to get a list of all available commands.

PowerShell allows IT Pros to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. For security and automation, the new blade server versions of Longhorn may no longer use a GUI, to be replaced by Powershell.

Your existing scripts and DOS commands work compatibly, so using the new shell with your DOS commands and network scripts is not an issue. Powershell is available for Several versions of Windows and Microsoft software including XP, Vista, Server 03, Longhorn Server, Exchange 2007, Operations Manager 07, System Data Protection Manager v2, and System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

For more information, visit Microsoft’s page on Powershell:

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