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Word to HTML, HTML Cleaner

Ever tried converting a .doc to html? If you have, you’ll find that it’s inserted a bunch of style guides and crap into your HTML code. Use word cleaner to help you clean it out.

A tool to strip Microsoft’s proprietary tags and other superfluous noise from Word-generatedHTML documents, leaving all the basic goodness intact. File sizes are greatly reduced, and the returned markup is easier to read, revise and employ.

This is intended for fairly basic styled text documents: please don’t upload your 50,000-word richly illustrated annual report and expect a nice slim web page in return. If however you’re used to writing in Word and you regularly find it awkward to get your text ready to publish online, this is the tool for you.

Typographer’s quotes and dashes, and other non-ascii characters, are converted to HTML entities to increase their portability amongst browsers and operating systems. Basic styling and structure, as well as links, image references and tables, should come through intact. Everything else is stripped.

HOW TO USE: Save a Word document ‘as Web Page…’ to your hard drive (this will not work with ordinary Word files, e.g., filename.doc). Choose the HTML file to upload, then process.

Use Wordcleaner

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