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Words with Friends App for iOS Devices – A Top Social Mobile Game

We’ve come a long way from playing vintage video games.  Gaming consoles have been condensed to the palm of your hand.  If you are an iOS mobile device user and you are a lover of word puzzle games, you may enjoy Words with Friends.

This multi-player game allows a player to challenge their friends or any compatible opponent to building words in a crossword puzzle style. This game, which is not unlike Scrabble, is, without a doubt, the most popular social mobile word game for iOS.  Players take turns in building words, crossword puzzle style similar to scrabble.

The game was released in 2009 and is still popular with a large online community.  It was developed by Zynga, who has a big presence in the world of online games.  For those looking for help on their next move, one my consider a word solver like Scrabble Word Finder, which can also be used for any game which requires solving missing characters in order to solve a word puzzle.

Scrabble Word Finder
Scrabble Word Finder

Word puzzle games are very trendy, which has raised the competition bar among mobile and social application developers who create apps for this game genre.

Words with Friends is available in both free and paid versions for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Freemium Model Popular with Developers

Indie iOS game developers, who want to find success as Zynga With Friends found with their game Words with Friends, have found the need to create freemium apps to help spread popularity, using clever, user-friendly addicting elements in their design.  The aim is to create viral popularity and apply the right marketing strategies to be profitable.  Some of these techniques that help promote popularity and profitability involve earning points through gamification, access and ability to purchase premium upgrades, and advertising.

Developers looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy will find a lot of success and help by using a mobile and social ad network, like Appnext.com.  Appnext lets you easily integrate their SDK and assists you in monetizing your app and targeting the right audience, which helps you to generate traffic and grow your user base.

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