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WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

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Are you learning English? Do you have a Smartphone? Cool!  You can learn English anywhere in many ways.

For example, you can learn with listening to English music, YouTube Channels and podcasts for English learners.

And let’s not forget: the applications to learn English.

With these applications to learn English, it will be almost like a game – No more boring grammar and vocabulary exercises!

Maybe you think “… which application should I start with?”

Do not worry.  We have found the best applications to perfect your English vocabulary. That application is “WordUp”.

Comfortably and from your Smartphone you can learn the language of Shakespeare.

Let us begin

Why WordUp?

Although Mandarin Chinese is considered the most spoken language in the world, the truth is that English is the most important, since it is used in many areas of life and is extremely important, for example, in the workplace.

Being proficient in writing and expression skills in English is necessary to achieve success in your professional career. But most people struggle to learn English and vocabulary effectively. You may have trouble acquiring new words, remembering words you just learned or worse; forget about using them frequently.

If you cannot enroll in a class or find it difficult to spend time learning, this Android/ iOS application can help you learn English and strengthen vocabulary.

And even if you speak English, there is something for you here. This application will help you build vocabulary; and will allow you to learn other languages.


If you want to learn a language from the beginning, then WordUp should be your first choice. Choose the target language and your native language to start.

It covers all aspects of language learning. At first, choose your native language and take a brief exam to assess your English proficiency. The application will recommend a lesson that works best for you.

WordUp helps you learn and improve English vocabulary in an effective and scientific way. The application takes advantage of artificial intelligence and gamification to simplify the learning process. This application offers different types of word games to help you excel in vocabulary.

WordUp Features


On this wonderful APP, you will learn what matters the most to improve your Vocabulary. This app has compiled all the meaningful words that you will need and use in your daily life.


This English learning APP helps you improve your language skills using various contexts so you don’t feel bored: like movie clips, news articles, and other engaging content.

wordapp0 - WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

Never forget a Word you learn

This app wouldn’t let you forget what you have learned the last day so you don’t forget a single word. This goes like a one year process until you say “I remember”. This app will keep on asking you the same words again and again so you never forget.

wordapp - WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

Only for you

This English learning app is specially designed and personalized only for you. This will first test your English knowledge and recommend you with a plan that suits you. One word at a time, so you only learn what matters the most.

Designed so you don’t miss a word that is necessary for you. This app lets you build a map of your knowledge gaps and let you become smarter each and every passing day. This app will teach you worthwhile and frequently used words and focus on one word at a time.

No more waste of time

You don’t need to buy expensive English learning books or join courses. With this app, you can easily improve your vocabulary and will soon become your best pastime activity rather than wasting time on addictive social media platforms. WordUp is all you need in the end.

WordUp will make you feel confident, improve your personal life and create new exciting work opportunities.

This app lets’ you learn using 4 different approaches:

  • Assess yourself
  • Discover words you don’t know
  • Learn only important words
  • Learn words in the correct context

Who can use this WordUp app?

wordapp2 - WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

  • Non-native English Speakers
  • Native English Speakers
  • English teachers
  • Employer
  • Government officials


All we can say in the end, WordUp” is really helpful and easy to use the English learning app. This app has a lot of synonym with correct Pronunciation. This app also comes with short films that show you how to use any particular word in Sentence.


googleplay - WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabularyitunes - WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

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