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Your skin is the new touchscreen

Did you ever think we would come to an age where you could control everything right from your own skin?

As some of our previous posts mention futuristic technologies like text messaging with your eyes, robotic suits, changing the television channel with your brain and other wearable technology, this article is about a cool new bracelet that allows you to control anything you can with your phone, right from your own skin.

The Cicret Bracelet is that technology, where you can make your skin your new touchscreen.

Touchscreen Skin
Cicret bracelet turns your skin into a touchscreen

We’ve come a long way from vintage video games.  Do everything from reading your mails, play your favorite games, answer your calls, check the weather, find your way around,  Do whatever you usually do on your touchscreen phone, right from your arm. Check it out here:


Visit Cicret’s Website

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  1. It is quite a fascinating technology but are there any side effects of this technology for the skin?, I mean is it possible to expect the beautiful technology without any side effects from long run use.

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