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Galido Networks offers complete and professional IT solutions for your work environment through our team and network of partners. As an IT solutions consultant, we'll analyze your current system and offer you the best solutions and service to guarantee results and return on investment.

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Web Developer, SEO

and Programming
We currently offer the following web, programming and SEO services:
  • web design
  • cms plugin creation
  • mobile application development
  • programming
  • data mining and data entry
  • web content management
  • search engine optimization.

    Our SEO guarantees white hat search optimization, link building and SEO training and upkeep. Be #1 organically on Google!

  • and more!
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Marketing, Advertising,

and Tradeshows
Our marketing group covers the following and much more:
  • web presence
  • web promotion
  • social networking
  • graphics and branding
  • corporate, tradeshow and private event planning
  • showcases
  • fliers
  • advertising services
  • classified ads
  • reviews
  • and more...

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Technology Circle

and Tech Resources
We offer various tech services as well as free IT help information available on our IT Blog
  • Galido Networks provides consultation and support to businesses through our team or our network of partners.
  • Network or partner with Galido Networks and be part of our Network of IT Consultants and IT Solutions providers.  Affiliate programs are also welcome.
  • Browse through our extensive list of free Information Technology magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts; Many IT topic available and  all are absolutely free.
  • Browse or Subscribe to our IT Blog for Tips, Tricks, News, Updates, and other IT related Information.
  • Submit an IT question for free and we will do our best to answer it!

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IT Blog Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics.

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Latest IT Blog Posts

  • Killer Apps For Encouraging Employee Engagement December 17, 2017
    Across all industries, the number of employees who are fully engaged in their work is surprisingly low. A poll conducted by Gallup recently estimated that up to 70 percent of workers don’t feel engaged by their jobs. Engaged employees are both more loyal and more productive — they work roughly 20 percent harder and are ... The post Killer Apps For Encouragin […]
  • Security Jobs In IT: Reasons why very few people are willing to fill it December 15, 2017
    Cybersecurity, the protection of online systems and documents is well on its way to having a crisis.  There are currently more jobs available than there are qualified people to fill them.  Research and general opinion both agree that this issue is likely to become steadily worse over the next few years. One of the clearest ... The post Security Jobs In IT: R […]
  • Thinking of a Six Figure Salary in IT? Think Devops. December 13, 2017
    Devops (development and operations) is defined as a phrase related to enterprise software development and is used to specify a kind of agile relationship between IT Operations and Development. The aim of devops is to improve and change the relationship by promoting better collaboration and communication between the two units of business. Need for Devops ... […]
  • Six Easy Ways to Save On Printing December 12, 2017
    People complain that printing is too expensive. Yes, it is expensive but there are creative ways that help you lower your printing cost significantly. They include: Find used printing machinery Using second hand printing machines is a great way to save the environment and acquire cheaper equipment. Companies can also give new life to equipment ... The post S […]
  • A Guide To Getting More Out Of Instagram December 11, 2017
    Are you dreaming of building your Instagram profile into a massively popular platform for sharing your photos? Want to rack up more followers and Likes faster? We’ve got tons of Instagram advice that you’ll find useful, so let’s not waste any more time with introductions. On to the tips! Pick the Perfect Time for Posting ... The post A Guide To Getting More […]
  • 5 Awesome Tips For Getting More Instagram Followers December 10, 2017
    Getting a greater number of Instagram followers places a brand in front of many more people and in turn is a great investment. So, how do you get more eyes on you or your brand. Defining Your Purpose Clearly Before you do anything, be clear what hole Instagram would fill in your marketing mix.  Work to ... The post 5 Awesome Tips For Getting More Instagram F […]
  • 5 Ways That Fintech Is Transforming How We Handle And Invest Our Money December 9, 2017
    FinTech (financial technology), is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. Fintech is changing the way we invest, the way we spend and the way we interact with money. It’s a hugely lucrative industry and one that most of us are utilizing on a day to day ... The post 5 Ways That Fintech Is Tran […]
  • Amazon-Echo Vs Google-Home December 8, 2017
    One person will tell you that the Amazon Echo is better while others will say the Google Home has passed it out in terms of quality. This infographic from Half Price takes you through the key differences between the two devices and the reality is both of them bring many benefits to any home. Google ... The post Amazon-Echo Vs Google-Home appeared first on In […]
  • 7 IT Security Risks for Small Businesses December 7, 2017
    Here are top IT security risks you should avoid or manage before they take your business down. Do you think your business is too small for a cyber-attack? Or do you take security for a granted just because you don’t have a huge volume of data? There is so many such business security myths people ... The post 7 IT Security Risks for Small Businesses appeared […]
  • How to Setup a Home Recording Studio December 7, 2017
    Creativity needs the right conditions You are a good musician but cannot afford the use of a professional recording studio. One way to get your sound recorded is to build your own home recording studio. In this review we will give you tips on how to make your own recording studio. We will also give you ... The post How to Setup a Home Recording Studio appear […]

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