How We Price Our Services

The cost of your IT or marketing campaign is based on your business goals. Once a business plan and goal has been developed, our team will identify the level of resources required to get you where you want to be within your time requirements and will price accordingly. A typical client may sign up with us on an annual agreement and invests between the following amounts depending on the service requested

Graphic Design starting at
$100 00
  • $100 for basic graphics, and from $100 for branding
Websites starting at
$800 00
  • $800-1000 for basic websites $2000+ for ecommerce websites
Marketing Services starting at
$2000 00
  • SEO and traffic/lead generation starting at $2000 – $5,000

App Development starting at
$5000 00
  • $5000 and up for IOS and Android development

Hosting Starting at
$100 00
  • $100/month for hosting/maintenance/backups/help with updates. Colocation services now available.
IT Support starting at
$250 00
  • $250 per minor incident to $250/hour for more involved incidents that require immediate attention

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