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Built from the ground up by HP’s renowned EYP group to be a showcase, this data center is one of the most remarkable and reliable facilities of its kind in the world. The facility’s redundancy and security reflect an overwhelming thoroughness of design. Some of the features, such as an onsite storage water tank to provide backup to the cooling system, are rarely seen in data centers.

One benefit of this location is that the data center is purposefully built on the only solid granite foundation in the area. The immediate vicinity around our data center is part of section of Anaheim that is entirely granite and not located near any of the major faults. On top of this, the entire facility was refitted with seismic bracing inside and out. Even the racks and cages are braced. In fact, they are braced in a 6 way configuration that is tied to the slab. This allows the racks to move with the building without falling over. The net result, you have a building built to Zone 4 specifications that just may be the safest place in Orange County.

Added to this foundation, the data center is located on top of the largest Sonet rings in Orange County, providing direct, OC 192 access to the Internet. Couple this with a facility that has power zoning allowing for 160 Watts per sq. ft. and wholesale level pricing and you have an unbeatable combination for your mission critical applications.

Another somewhat unique aspect of this data center is the fire suppression. Many data centers use water for fire suppression. But of course, water damages equipment. This facility is completely equipped with FM-200 clean agent fire suppression.  FM-200 canisters are strategically placed throughout the facility for hand use. If you are not familiar with FM-200, it is completely safe to use on equipment.

This facility also is equipped with VESDA (very early smoke detection alarm). This state of the art system samples particles in the air, looking for smoke. It will easily detect any smoke or fire event well before a person would. This helps isolate and stop any issue well in advance of it creating any problems.

Below you will find a summary of the attributes and features of the data center.

Security Command Center

Racks and cabinets uniquely braced for extreme seismic reinforcement

FM-200 clean-agent fire suppression is installed to extinguish fires without equipment damage
Four cooling towers keep temperatures constant with 24,000 gallons in emergency water reservoirs

Four Caterpillar 2500 kVA standby generators provide redundant facility power.
Over 160 Watts per Sq. Ft. of power is available.

- 100,000 sq.ft.
- Built on granite
- Seismically braced throughout

- Divided into three suites.
- Private suites are available

- Minimum of 18” raised floor

- 250+ pounds per square foot on slab

- Customer access 24x7x365
- State of the art security system with video surveillance

- On-site, fully staffed security 24x7x365
- Biometric security access controls

- Diverse entry points
- Major gateway for Level(3) and Global Crossing
- Additional fiber from AT&T, Cogent, Cox, Edison, PAETEC, TelePacific, Time Warner, Verizon, XO and more

- Power capacity of raised floor: 160 watts per sq. ft.
- Utility: City of Anaheim, recipient of Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Award

- 4 Caterpillar 2500 kVA generators
- Minimum N+1 redundancy on all systems

- 16,000 gallon underground tanks
- Fuel storage for minimum 48-hour run time

- VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm)
- FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppressant
- Double interlock pre-action dry-pipe throughout

- EvapCo Zone4 stainless steel closed circuit coolers
- Liebert System3 precision cooling
- Minimum N+1 redundancy on all systems

- 40,000 gallon underground tanks
- Water for minimum 80-hour run-time

- 10 feet from raised floor
- Overhead seismic cabinet bracing

- 1 grade level and 2 dock level loading areas PARKING
- 315 monitored parking spaces on site

The pace of business today requires your infrastructure to be constantly available and absolutely reliable. The first step is building strong foundations. Please contact us today to find out more and schedule a tour.

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Colocation services are wholesale priced and available in flexible configurations ranging from half-rack to cages to complete private suites. With over 100,000 sq.ft. of available space, we can get you up and running right away.

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