100 Great Social Media Marketing Ideas


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With the growth of social media in both our professional and private life, it makes sense for a business or corporation to harness the power and reach of social media to promote, educate or engage the pubic about their product or service.

Organized into five sections:
(i) Social Communication
(ii) Social Marketing
(iii) Social Selling
(iv) Social Business
(v) Social Impact

The book will share through case studies how to encapsulate the power and usage of Social Media, how to select the appropriate global social network and how to draw up a campaign to make it work for you.

Everything is interconnected and definitions are hard to make categorical or academic in this ‘space’, but the book will lead readers to understand better the ‘fit’ Social Media has to business now and how it has proven to be inescapable and invaluable.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 19.50

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