Blockchain: Science, Business, and Cryptocurrency 2-in-1


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Feast your brain on the knowledge in this bundle of two books.

Book One: The more sophisticated specifics of blockchain programming will be discussed in this book. You will hear about things you might not have encountered yet, and expand your knowledge about this popular way of using software and ethereum to achieve monetary and accuracy purposes. You will hear, among others:

  • What ethereum is and how to use it
  • Login systems that use ethereum
  • Several ways of understanding how bitcoin is related to it all and the concept behind it
  • All about smart contracts and storing data
  • Java coding that involves blockchain technology
  • Facts and thoughts about the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

And much more!

Book Two: A different angle…a different twist to the elaborate uses of blockchain technology you should know more about! Added to the previous books I’ve written, I felt inspired to increase your expertise in this particular area and share my knowledge with the world. In this guide, you can learn about:

  • Ethereum and the connection to the Decentralized Consensus Network
  • The basics of DAPP
  • Javascript API specifics related to blockchain technology
  • Methods to contract storage
  • Alethzero and other software specifics
  • Coding, typing, and data values you need to understand
  • Transactions, pulling data, and structuring

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