Blogging for Authors: Build an Author Platform and Sell More Books with Your Blog


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Do you want to sell more books? Many authors are frustrated to learn that writing a book is only half the battle. Just because you wrote a stellar book doesn’t mean that it will sell. Perhaps you’ve heard, “You need to build an author platform.” And it’s true. You won’t sell books without a platform. But how exactly do you do that? And if you spend all kinds of time building a platform, how in the world do you have time to write books? Trust me, I’ve been there and experienced the same feelings of frustration and overwhelm that you feel. The good news is that I’ve found blogging to be the best way to build my author platform. Not only has my blog helped me write more books, it’s also been a source of income for me that goes far beyond books. I share what I’ve learned about how to build an author platform through blogging in this book. Here’s what you’ll discover: – Why every author should have a blog – How to set up a blog – The best WordPress plugins for authors – Effective use of tags and categories – Types of blog posts that work well for authors – Advice on blog post frequency and length – The anatomy of a good blog post – How to optimize your posts so they’ll be found in Google and other search engines – How to block out distractions – The difference between blog posts and pages and how to effectively use each one – The types of pages to include on your site – How to add fuel to your content engine – How to identify and optimize your best content – What to do when it seems that no one reads your blog If you’re ready to sell more books with your blog, scroll up to the top of this page and click on “buy now.”

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 12.99

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