Comptia Linux+/Lpic-1: Training and Exam Preparation Guide (Exam Codes: Lx0-103/101-400 and Lx0-104/102-400) (Linux Certification Guide)


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The CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 Training and Exam Preparation Guide, First Edition is a comprehensive resource designed and written with one fundamental goal in mind: teach Linux in an easy and practical manner while preparing for the Linux+/LPIC-1 exams. This book provides an in-depth coverage of all official exam objectives.

This book is organized in two parts: Part One covers LX0-103/101-400 exam objectives and Part Two covers LX0-104/102-400 exam objectives. The book includes hands-on examples, step-by-step exercises, chapter-end review of concepts, files, and commands learned, and 790 challenging practice questions.

This book uses “learn-by-doing” methodology. It begins with guidance on how to download a virtualization software and two Linux distribution versions and then provides instructions on how to create VMs and install Linux in them to set up a lab environment for hands-on learning. Throughout the book, appropriate command prompts are employed to identify the lab system and user to run a command. Each command and task presented in the book was actually performed and tested on lab systems.

Followed by the lab environment setup in Part One, the book presents the essentials of Linux incl. interaction with Linux, basic commands, file management (permissions, ownership, linking, searching, special permissions, editing), filter programs, regex, shell features, and process handling. Subsequent topics focus on system administration incl. shared libraries, Debian and RPM package management, system boot and initialization, hardware management, kernel modules, storage partitioning, file system creation and repairs, quota handling, and swap space administration. This brings Part One to an end and you should be able to take the quiz in Appendix A to test your readiness for the LX0-103/101-400 exam.

Part Two covers all the objectives for the LX0-104/102-400 exam. It covers shell scripts with a presentation and line-by-line analysis of several scripts. Building a simple SQL database and performing queries comes next. A detailed comprehension of local authentication files, user creation, password aging, and shell startup files follows. The book covers networking concepts, reference models, and terms that accompany exercises on interface configuration, hostname change, and route management. A discussion of network testing and debugging tools is furnished and their usage is demonstrated, followed by topics on internationalization, localization, time synchronization, name resolution, X Window, display/desktop managers, accessibility options, printer and print queue administration, task scheduling, system logging, system and service access controls, emailing and email aliasing, searching for special files, and so on. This brings Part Two to an end and you should be able to take the quiz in Appendix C to test your readiness for the LX0-104/102-400 exam.

* 100% coverage of ALL official exam objectives (version 4.0)

* Enumerated and descriptive knowledge areas (under exam objectives) to assist in identifying and locating them

* A summarized and convenient view showing exam objectives, chapters they are discussed in, associated weights, the number of questions to expect on the real exam, and other useful information

* Separate section on each exam

* 15 chapters in total (8 for LX0-103/101-400 and 7 for LX0-104/102-400)

* Detailed guidance on building lab environment

* 49 tested, hands-on exercises with explanation

* Numerous tested, practical examples for clarity and understanding

* Chapter-end one-sentence review of key topics

* 790 single-response, multiple-response, and fill-in-the-blank practice questions/answers to test your knowledge of the material and exam readiness

* Equally good for self-study and in-class training

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 40.00

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