CompTIA Security+ Certification Kit: Exam SY0-401


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The most complete, up-to-date Security+ prep kit, with 100% exam coverage

CompTIA Security+ Certification Kit, 4th Edition is the ideal study tool for the price-savvy Security+ candidate. By combining the CompTIA Deluxe Security+ Study Guide, 3rd Edition and the CompTIA Security+ Review Guide, 3rd Edition into a single bundle, this kit provides everything you need to go into the exam fully prepared. This new edition has been updated to align with the latest version of the Security+ exam (SY0-401), and covers 100% of the exam objectives including communications, infrastructure, operational and organizational security, and much more. Practical examples drawn from real-world topics demonstrate how these concepts are applied on the job, and authoritative coverage and clear, concise explanations help deepen your understanding of these crucial security topics. The DVD includes instructional videos, electronic flashcards, software, and a test bank that allows you to test your knowledge and correct weak areas in advance, so you can approach the exam with confidence.

  • Study 100% of the Security+ exam objectives
  • See key topics demonstrated in over an hour of instructional videos
  • Understand real-world applications through practical examples
  • Try out Kali Linux, designed for security auditing, digital forensics, and penetration testing, and Security Onion for intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and log management
  • Test your knowledge with leading-edge exam prep software

With complete exam coverage and practical insight, CompTIA Security+ Certification Kit, 4th Edition gives you the confidence you need on exam day.

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