Cybersecurity: The Advance Guide in System Security and Defense Strategies in Cybersecurity


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The audiobook considers the problems related to cybersecurity in the individual as well as the organizational setting. Cybersecurity is essential to the organization considering the growing technological dependencies that organizations are continuously facing. The audiobook considers the nature of threats of cybercrime from hacking to data manipulation. 

The text also considers intrusions related to corruption of information and its theft where the organization suffers from loss of crucial data. Conversely, there is data manipulation where the information is corrupted without the knowledge of the users in the organization. The audiobook tackles the methods of dealing with these types of intrusions and how to mitigate risk through policy changes. 

These policies are known as risk management framework for the organizations to secure their data from the basic levels to advanced security settings. These include the steps for cybersecurity planning maturity, addressing process risks and elements related to personnel vulnerabilities. Technological risks form the last part of the audiobook, as advancing processes need to be considered for the future of cybersecurity in organizations.

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