Hacking With Kali Linux: A Complete Guide for Beginners to Hacking, Security, Computer Networking, Wireless Networks, Cybersecurity, Including Linux Basics and Command-Lines


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You Are A Few Steps Away From Securing Your Online Transactions And Hacking Your Data Will Be A Thing Of The Past!

Do you know that hackers are big threats to your business only and they are ready to damage and destroy you and your data by snooping at everything you are doing without knowing anything? Do you want to give yourself peace of mind, freedom, choice, and security in all your dealings on the internet? Do you want to know how you can protect your server and your data no matter how skillful a hacker can be?

This easy-to-use, step-by-step book goes a step further to show you about different techniques and methods as well as ways hackers can get into your network, steal your data, and cause severe damages to you. No matter what you do online, some bad actors are keeping a close look at you, ready to devour you and your assets.

If you are tired of spinning the wheel about your security online, buy this book. Its approach draws from various ways, guidelines, tips, and examples about how hackers can tap into any form of your vulnerabilities on the internet and steal your data.

This book teaches how you can secure yourself from these bad actors so they will never crack into your network. Your web security measures are quite vital, but how do you go about it, and what are the steps to take so you can be safe and secure? This book walks you through the entire process.

Some of the things that this book discusses include:

  • Deep understanding of hacking and hackers

  • Different types of hackers and how they operate

  • The process of hacking

  • How to prepare before hacking (with the detailed process)

  • The five phases of hacking

  • How you can delete tracks in a system and stay anonymous

  • How you can become exposed to the internet

  • The process of installing Kali Linux

  • How you can work with Kali Linux

  • What is a wireless network and how you can scan networks and servers

  • Everything you need to know about WEP cracking and the tools to do the job

  • The best way you can use to install Nmap on Linux

  • How you can understand the risks your system is facing

  • How to know your enemies on the internet and how you can win when you have the right tools

  • Everything you need to know about wireless hacking domination as well as testing methodology and the best tools for the job

  • How you can crack WEP/WPA encryptions

  • What are the hacking techniques?

  • How you can scan and map your network

  • How you can defend against attacks

  • Some facts you need to know about cybersecurity and cyber-attacks

  • What is cryptography, and how does it work?

  • Symmetric and asymmetric encryption

  • Different ways you can use to secure important files online without hacking coming near them not to talk of touching them

  • How you can use VPN to protect internet traffic

  • How you can crack the encryption

  • What are the flaws in web applications and websites

Plus tons of more examples and details.

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