Insteon 2401BT50 NST2401BT50 50-Button Replacement Kit Keypads, White


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If you’re already using or plan to purchase an Insteon 6 or 8 button KeypadLinc dimmer, or a keypad on/off switch, why not use personalized buttons that specifically identify which lights, appliances or scenes each button controls The 50-Button replacement kit for Insteon keypads is a convenient 50-Pack of preprinted buttons that feature the most popular applications for KeypadLinc. Give your KeypadLinc the ultimate in personalization, and you’ll be able to tell at a glance which lights or rooms each button controls.Pre-printed buttons replace standard buttons on Insteon KeypadLinc dimmers/relays
Includes 50 pre-printed buttons of the most commonly requested custom-etched buttons
Personalized buttons indicate which light, appliance or group of lights and appliances they control
Lower cost than hand-printed custom-etched buttons, with the same high quality
Finishes your keypad’s look

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