Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad (PC)


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The Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad for PC by Kinesis matches the low-profile design of the Freestyle2 ergonomic keyboard and utilizes the same low-force, quiet and tactile membrane key switches. The Freestyle2 keypad allows flexibility in positioning the keypad to the right or left of the keyboard and is perfect for narrow keyboards like the Freestyle2, or in conjunction with your laptop. Use it in any situation where a standalone keypad is preferred. The 2-port USB hub enables you to easily connect other input devices such as a mouse, without having to access USB ports on your computer.IDEAL ERGONOMICS: A external keypad is the optimal ergonomic solution for intensive 10-key users. A full-size keyboard forces you to always reach around the 10-key to use the mouse, causing harmful shoulder and elbow strain. But a “tenkeyless” keyboard paired with an external keypad allows you to position the keypad and mouse in the most comfortable and convenient positions based on the task at-hand.
PERFECT COMPANION FOR FREESTYLE2 KEYBOARD USERS. The Freestyle2 keypad from Kinesis is designed to match the feel and styling of our popular Freestyle2 split keyboard. The FS2 keypad uses the great key switches and has the same slim styling.
PLUG-AND-PLAY ON WINDOWS 7-10: The Freestyle2 keypad is specifically designed for Windows users and doesn’t require any special software or drivers. The keypad works on other operating systems but hotkey functionality may not be supported.
CONVENIENT HOTKEYS BOOST PRODUCTIVITY: Use time saving Cut, Copy, and Paste macros to speed up your workflow and eliminate awkward key combinations.
GREAT TYPING FEEL AND PERFORMANCE: The keypad features full-size, low-force membrane key switches with tactile feedback for maximum comfort, without the noise of a mechanical switch.

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 43.19

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