Monoprice Brown Switch Full Size Mechanical Keyboard – White | Ideal for Office Desks/Workstations/ Tables – Workstream Collection


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This mechanical keyboard provides a better typing experience because each key uses a mechanical switch for improved typing feel and performance. Spec’d with brown Outemu switches that balance moderate tactile feedback with a subtle audible click profile, this keyboard is a good fit for offices and for general computer use. The keyboard base is stiff and substantial for extra stability and double-shot keycaps ensure that main key legends will not wear out. With office workers spending more time on computers and relying more on email and electronic documents, small improvements in keyboard typing can add up. A slight bump up in typing speed and accuracy, small improvements in typing comfort, or just a small morale boost from upgraded gear can help boost productivity and well-being.A better keyboard for better typing. Choose the keyboard that fits your needs
The right balance of features. Function keys for advanced users
Long tangle-resistant USB cable for reliable typing
Full size and normal layout for number crunchers and for typical use
White for a clean and high-visibility look

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 49.99

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