R Programming: Learn the Basics of R Programming in One Week


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R Programming: Learn the Basics of R Programming in One Week

Why and how should you use R? If you have ever asked these questions then this book was written for you. R Programming has plenty of unique features making it different from other programming languages. This guide shows you how to talk to R and how the R engine reads the code you have written.

Learn everything you need to understand how to leverage this extremely versatile toolbox used by a widespread community of academicians, practitioners, programmers, and users in R Programming: Beginner’s Guide on R Programming, by the IT Starter Series. This short guidebook gives you all the necessary basics. IT Starter Series breaks down terminology that may otherwise be confusing, offers systematically simple to follow directions, and breaks down the confusion of just getting started into easy to handle, actionable instructions. This free program processes more than just statistics and has broken into the world of data processing, graphic visualization, and other types of analysis.

With IT Starter Series’ easy to follow guidance you will learn:

  • The history, advantages, and unique features of R
  • Programming Why R is unlike C or Java
  • How to work with a Code Editor and issue a simple command
  • How to use R to do simple math, use vectors, store and calculate values
  • How to use the full power of functions
  • How to find, install, load and unload packages, and so much more….

By the end of R Programming: Learn the Basics of R Programming in One Week you will be able to contrast your own mathematical operations and use those to work on large amounts of data. This guide is a great resource for anyone looking to understand and use R Programming. You will learn basic functions that will start you on your journey to creating more complicated functions. Keep this guide handy to refer to again and again along with your analysis journey.

This guide for beginners covers the basics of what R Programming is and how you can use it to your advantage. Get your copy today!

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