Scala programming: Learning Scala fast!


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Scala programming

Learning Scala fast

This book is an exploration of the Scala programming language. It begins by explaining what Scala is, where it is used, and its relationship with the Java programming language. The next part discusses how one can set up the environment for Scala programming on different platforms. You will learn how to do this on Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. Arrays, which are elements supported in Scala for data storage, are discussed, and thus, you will learn how to use them. The different types of collections which Scala supports are covered in detail, soyou will understand how to use them in the course of programming in Scala. The use of classes and objects in Scala is also explored, thus, you will learn how to create classes and then instantiate objects from these. Traits, which are supported in Scala, are discussed with no detail left out. The pattern matching feature is also explored in this book, so that you will know how to use this feature for the purpose of matching your text in Scala. This book will guide you on how to create regular expressions in Scala and then use them for various tasks. Extractors, which are very useful in Scala programming are also explained. Exception handling is very essential when it comes to programming in any language. This book will guide you on how to handle exceptions in Scala. File I/O is also explored in detail. This book also discusses the various types of loops which can be used in Scala programming.

The following topics are included in this book:

  • Definition
  • Environmental Setup
  • Scala Arrays
  • Scala Collections
  • Classes and Objects in Scala
  • Traits in Scala
  • Pattern Matching in Scala
  • Regular Expressions
  • Extractors in Scala
  • Exception Handling in Scala
  • File I/O in Scala
  • Loops in Scala

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