Social media marketing for beginners: Simple guide to use social media for your business (Instragram, Facebook, Google and more). Learn the strategy to become an influencer and increase your income


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If you want to promote your business and market your products using social media then keep reading…This is the ultimate social media marketing guide for beginners!

Social media has radically changed how businesses interact with the people who are their customers and potential customers. For this reason, having a sophisticated social media marketing program is essential for the success of your company. There are a ton of benefits of making sure that your social media strategy is integrated with your traditional marketing initiatives. To that end, it is imperative to hire someone who has the expertise in this area to run it right. Like traditional sales, there is never a second chance to make a first impression, so if your company stumbles out of the gate on Instagram or Facebook, there is a massive cohort of the people on social media who will not let you forget it. Having a calculated plan and goals set is the cornerstone to success, so make sure that you are working towards your goals in a methodical fashion as outlined here. 

This guide will focus on the following:

  • Importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Four Phases to Create the Sales Funnel
  • Benefits of Social Media for Local Businesses
  • The main 15 Tools and Plugins
  • Instagram Marketing: how to monetizing your Instagram page and more
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing: The information available in Facebook’s database is particularly useful for paid advertising. Why is that so?
  • Reddit And Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Snapchat: is your brand compatible? Pick Your Audience!
  • Google Platform: 3 important factors for local searches
  • LinkedIn: how to make your profile more accessible and more
  • Pinterest: the features that offers to business owners

Setting goals is vital to the success of your company, and having tools to measure those goals is also essential. When it comes to goals, these goals should be all about making a profit while at the same time being attainable for employees. Goals should require some work – if something is too easy, employees will check out and they will also check out if an objective is too hard. The way to measure goals is with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These metrics let a business know if they are hitting the mark or if they are swinging and missing. 

Many businesses have used social networking sites to market what they have to offer. Social media is another advertising avenue that interests businesses, although many either do not believe in or do not know how to use social networking to its full potential. They may find it superfluous or even deem it ineffective. A short Tweet or a Pinterest link that costs zero dollars to create cannot possibly be more effective than a million-dollar TV ad campaign, and that is where less social media savvy marketers are wrong. If you are not yet using social media to promote your business and market your products, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of things.

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