The Big 4 of E-Commerce: The 4 Easiest & Most Important Online Business Models & How to Use Them to Build a Successful e-Business (Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Information Products)


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Discover the 4 Most Popular Online Business Models: Proven Strategies to gain financial independence, Start and grow your own business, and begin building your Internet Empire.
If you’re like most of us, you dream of a day where you won’t have to keep dragging yourself in to your day job plugging away to earn a living. Life passes us by so quickly, and most of us would prefer not to spend all of our good years in the office.
With the explosion of internet businesses, it is now more possible and easier than ever for you to start your own online business and create independent income streams that will help you achieve your goal of financial independence.

Each of the business models we cover are low-risk endeavors that don’t require funding or much start-up capital. You will learn how to start an online business in a relatively low-risk, low-stakes environment that allows you to grow at the pace that best fits your lifestyle.
You will become an expert in:

  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Dropshipping and physical product e-stores
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital products and services and Information Sales
  • This book teaches you all the tools, tips and tricks you need to know to become a successful e-business owner.
    You will learn:

  • How to identify your niche market
  • How to target and win customers
  • How to maximize profit, while minimizing your cost
  • How to overcome competition by differentiating yourself and becoming a market leader
  • How to partner with manufacturers, content creators and other strategic partners that are essential to the success of your business.
  • How to master order fulfillment (the distribution of your products or content to your customers)
  • If you want to break free from the mundane 9-to-5 office job drudgery and enjoy a life of freedom on your own terms, this book is for you. Similarly, if you’re looking to add streams of income to your life, increase your disposable income, or fund a future project, all of these business models will get you there and far beyond.
    Learn the stuff they don’t teach you in business school. Are you ready to build your online business empire?

    Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 16.95

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